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Luckily, the soundtrack has lost none of the charm or effect that it had back in the day, and it stands as a testament to the skill of legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu. Like, I see why FF7 was such a big deal back in its day, but we've since gone on to much bigger and better things as game design standards have raised. wait – or you can opt in for the far superior (in my opinion) active mode, which continues to flow time regardless of what actions you take on your end. This games marked a point where they lost my interest, which might have more to do with me and where I was at, than anything to do with the game, really. The first is as a cloud game. It was less noticeable in the FF9 port, but very distracting here. Mario Kart 64 on the other hand, I found impossible to enjoy having come from playing the modern Mario Karts. We can't even trust these fan sites anymore. April 6, 2020 No comment. I think that was the first time in my life that little 16-bit sprites genuinely moved me to tears. As was the case before, you have the option of maintaining classic turn-based combat – ie. Final Fantasy VII Remake is here to take things in a new direction more than two decades after the original gave us a hero and villain almost as recognizable as Mario. Sure, it shows its age but it's still a fantastic game. I doubt this review has swayed many people one way or the other, FF7--along with many other classic games--is the type of game that most people already know whether or not they'll be interested in playing. How does FFVII hold up over 20 years later? Wow! It doesn't affect gameplay, but it's a shame that the entire Switch screen isn't being used to the fullest. It’s safe to say that we’re still feeling the effects of Final Fantasy VII’s influence even in the RPGs of today’s platforms, but the real question is this: how well does this stalwart classic hold up today? I enjoyed so many games on psx back in the day, but FF7 isn't one of them. However, be careful to turn it off when you need to, like during tough battles that require more thought and precision. No longer fantasy, the remake of Final Fantasy VII is finally here. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Even without the nostalgia element they're still fun to play. Also, I wouldn't call this excessively linear at all. @Kr96: Dear, don't put OoT with FF7 in the same sentence / comment. It's awesome to finally have this on a Nintendo console. The game opens up and becomes like a typical (older) Final Fantasy game after you leave Midgar, complete with a plethora of side quests, hidden bosses and items, unlockable characters, and, eventually, an airship which you can use to explore the entire world. I feel more and more in the dark about the quality of what games are coming out on the Switch as reviews begin to lag more and more and cover less and less ground. To understand the 10/10 that this classic deserved, it's on a CRT. This game is currently number one on the Nintendo Switch eshop and Cuphead is not far behind it on pre-orders alone... what a time to be alive! @mister_magnus As a Nintendo focused site, they're well aware that many of us (myself included) are not aware of the "ins and outs" of this game. Just change it UP. Final Fantasy 7 Remake – mostly good (pic: Square Enix) A reader takes a humorous look at the free demo for Square Enix’s keenly awaited remake and how it compares to the PS1 original. We'll soon see how it holds up. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a spectacle from start to finish. Highlights Black Friday Forum Release dates Assassin's Creed: Valhalla Thor gear Destiny 2 The Lament Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals. so it feels unfair to suggest its showing its age as why would a 22 year old game not be showing its age? For those who have had their fill of FFVII for the past 20 years, then there's no real reason to pick up the Switch version since it doesn't even have any unique Switch features. Let's just jump into a review of the port, please. I remember Christmas '97 when I did nothing for 2 weeks of school holiday apart from play this. Here are iMore's favorite accessories that we saw come out of CES 2021. Final Fantasy VII Remake is the best JRPG from Square since Final Fantasy VII. FF7 looks... charming to me. Now we can get more varied main characters as well that would be great, too. Then I got XV and the XIII trilogy on Xbox One X, they are S-enhanced (XIII) and X-enhanced. this game has so much to do! @darthstuey I love it when younger generations are exposed to older media. FFVII debuted on the original PlayStation back in 1997, and even though it's the seventh main installment of the Final Fantasy franchise, it's pretty much the title that made the series known in North America. Final Fantasy 7 is one of the most beloved games of all time, and we went hands-on with the Final Fantasy VII Remake at Gamescom 2019 to see if it lives up to the name. That's not so lovely! An expansive remake … Overall, for less than $20, you can now experience a true legend of a game on your Nintendo Switch. As for KH having the HD Remixes would be great, 2.8 and III would require a lot more work given the techinal limitations, Finally a staple of the PS1 era arrives to a Nintendo console, pretty crazy to think this day would come. You can press down on both analog sticks to turn off random encounters, which is great if you don't want to deal with grinding or if you've been grinding too much and need to reach an inn or save point to rest up. Still hoping they can patch in some AI-improved backgrounds and the PC MIDI soundtrack though! Just when it feels like a bit too much of a downer, Final Fantasy VII demonstrates a remarkable ability to turn the tone around at the drop of a hat if need be, making for an adventure that’s as unpredictable as it is enrapturing. "Better Late Than Never." Its dark and complex storytelling also gave Western audiences a new appreciation for the potential of the video game medium as a whole. Final Fantasy VII Remake review. It is pretty, the invocations and effects are really nice. I like ff8 more. Some FMVs, when transferring back to gameplay, end with a black screen flash. Already downloaded it to my switch. This is my first time playing it. I can see why this game is revered so much, though it absolutely is showing its age (this game is hideous). Weapons no longer simply get outclassed by the next new shiny sword, as you’ll be able to spend the SP you get from level ups on upgrades that will give you access to new abilities, stat boosts, and materia slots. Learn more. No square Enix doesn't deserve praise for waiting 23 years to bring one of their best games to a nintendo platform. Final Fantasy 7 Remake review. Aside from the higher resolution character models that appear full of life, the backdrops and environments appear fuzzy, and even out of focus at times when your sharp and crisp Cloud Strife is against them in the foreground. Those labels are not a comment on quality, as there are great games throughout the series. This game was ground-breaking at the time and will always be one of my favourite games of all time. Apple is said to be working on all kinds of things, including something akin to the G4 Cube! The MGS port for it is fabulous. "A Timeless RPG Classic That's Beginning To Show Its Age". for me the slightly blocky goofy graphics are what adds charm to it. Final Fantasy VII Remake continues the series’ evolution of Active Time Battle into real-time action. @eternalcube Absolutely, VII's graphics are horrendous even in this HD remaster. Final Fantasy 7 Remake's combat also successfully makes a bold transition. Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of the best-looking games on the PlayStation 4, so it's unlikely that the game would work in its current form on the Switch, or … Yeah nevermind now and vuck Square for not releasing this on any Nintendo system for the 20 years they could have easily done this. @RazorThin Well, a retro game's graphics and sound should only be judged against what was possible on the system of release, but antiquated design and game mechanics should still be judged against modern standards (except for the rare case where like the presentation a better solution wasn't possible at the time), especially when dealing with an advanced port that's had a chance to fix the worst issues (which thankfully have mostly been adressed here). Review: Final Fantasy VII Remake I'm not even going to try to summarize the monumental impact Final Fantasy VII has had on countless lives, the JRPG genre and gaming as a … Instead, it's Final Fantasy 7 reimagined -- and boldly at that. How does Final Fantasy VII perform and hold up on your Switch? It expands, tweaks, and fleshes out parts of the game that we’d previously never seen. This 40-hour experience is only part one (but a very beefy one at that) of an episodic release plan, and is an expanded version of the original game’s first setting (and disk). Even compared to Final Fantasy IX, which released a few years later on the same console, Final Fantasy VII is a rather ugly game to behold, as lumpy character models with Popeye-like anatomies saunter around the grainy, pre-rendered backgrounds. Here's when Final Fantasy 7 Remake could come to Xbox, Switch, and PC. @Medic_alert got a GameCube? There also aren't bad loading times in the Switch version of FFVII. I don't care if the ROM is "freely available" online. I'm a gamer who likes to be able to use everything at my disposal when playing a game, and having what amounts to a "god mode" available at the push of a button really spoils these last few re-releases for me. Final Fantasy VII has a soundtrack as wide-ranging as that of a film, with each track acting as an excellent tone-setter for the often-emotional events that unfold. Obviously it hasn't aged well graphics wise, even the story seems pretty average compared to other entries in the same franchise (especially VI) but it is an important part of gaming history that simply doesn't hold the same impact playing for the first time in 2019 as oppossed to having played it back in 1997. Being on Switch not changing that. There are a couple of ways Final Fantasy 7 Remake could run on the Switch. (Can we please have 6 at some point, I can only play the steam version so many times). Never got to as a kid and it is really fun so far. Final Fantasy VII on the Nintendo Switch is a good port of a legendary classic JRPG. It really can’t be highlighted enough how much of a difference this simple addition makes to one’s enjoyment of Final Fantasy VII, and while it ultimately stands as a band-aid for a design-based issue, it’s an effective one that helps to gloss over some of the creakier aspects of a two-decades-old game. I have plenty of other RPGs to play right now and I'll consider replaying FF7 once these issues have been patched. I wish they would have remastered this for the 3DS like they did Ocarina of Time. It was definitely different for it's time and even now. @lemonjellydude I'd say 'showing its age' is a euphemism for 'it's not very good by today's standards'. Final Fantasy VII PS4 Read Full Story >> Join Alex Battaglia and John Linneman for a detailed breakdown of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. I've borrowed the original PlayStation game from friends, I even bought the game on the PlayStation 3 many years ago, but I never got around to playing it enough to beat, because the lack of portability is an issue for me. I would like to receive news and offers from other Future brands. Ix also crashed on me a few times, one of them during the final credits but the continue feature pit me back after the fights... a 10/10 for me, i am probably biased as I played it first time around so it will always hold a special place for me. That's why I love that FFVII is now available on the Switch because there's literally no more reasons to prevent me from playing this classic JRPG that essentially put Final Fantasy on the map in the U.S. As much as I love JRPGs, sometimes the whole random encounter thing does bother me because I'm just trying to get to my next destination and advance the story. Makes them appreciate our past and our future. Plus, despite the brooding and mature storytelling, there’s plenty of lighthearted content here to keep things from becoming too dour, such as a memorable sequence (which would definitely not fly in a modern game release) in which Cloud dresses up as a woman and enters the in-universe equivalent of a brothel to chase after a friend who disappeared inside. It's a solid experience but in many ways, the SNES final fantasies have aged better. I’m about ten hours in and I’m definitely having fun, and I’ve never played it before, so nostalgia isn’t a factor. Now give us ff8 please! Final Fantasy VII on the Nintendo Switch is a good port of a legendary classic JRPG. I remember the first time I saw FF VII and was horrified at the choppy battles. As one would expect, the random encounter rate is tediously overbearing in many portions, but it can be helpfully offset by a modern feature Square worked into the re-release in which clicking down the left stick triples the speed of the whole game, turning those glacial, repetitive encounters against mook enemies into blink-and-you-miss-it blitzkriegs. I'll be honest here: while I love the character designs in FFVII, I never actually beat the game (but I am familiar with the story through FFVII: Advent Children and the likes of the Internet). Feels good to see a modern setting or alternative setting. Didn't buy it for $9.99 on VITA or $15 on PS4 or $12 on Steam. It's not so much popularity as the general memes and strange behavior that's a bit off putting but I'm still thinking about playing it. @Kevember Except if a game looks and plays worse than modern games, it's absolutely going to impact the enjoyment of somebody playing it for the first time. Summary: The last Final Fantasy for the PlayStation, Final Fantasy IX returns to the pure fantasy roots that spawned the series. My friend, who was thrilled to finally be playing FF VII, was very defensive of the game! Halfway the first disc, playing for the first time, and I can't stress enough how much you need to pay this awesome have! It's a trash. Also probably not to be experienced by most players, but playing Tifa's piano in hi speed mode can crash the game. Now get the Kingdom Hearts series and Chrono Trigger remastered on the Switch. Welcome features like autosave and optional cheats let players old and new experience the game on their terms. They still provided enough info about the differences with this remaster. I don't remember the original game's loading times, but it's been a seamless experience going into each area so far, so I'm not complaining. This is a story about the real dangers of late-stage capitalism and climate change, about the consequences of war and the sacrifices that must be made for the greater good. Have they fixed the glitch where the overworld music resets after every battle? If you want to play a hunting game on the Switch, there's quite a few to choose from. Really great to have this on a handheld too, hard to play RPGs on TV/PC anymore, imo. At least when I’m using the joy con and its separate buttons that equate to the D-pad. This 'remake' is an insult to those of us who have been waiting 20+ years to finally get to play an updated version of the game. @Itzdmo I've never played or owned Final Fantasy VII. Square Enix stated so multiple times in the past. Every attack a character endures will fill up that character’s limit gauge a little bit more, and once it’s full, they can then unleash a powerful skill that can turn the tide of the battle significantly – such as how Aeris can cast a party-wide healing spell, or Cloud can unleash his iconic Omnislash attack. That being said, this game shouldn't be knocked too badly for featuring a battle system that's still excellent on its own merits (even by modern standards) just because some other games have since improved a little on its foundation. While you make your decision on what each character should do, though, enemies are still able to attack you, so you need to be careful. I never liked FF7 even if I have never played it. Bottom line: Final Fantasy VII is a classic JRPG that still holds up well on the Nintendo Switch in this day and age. I managed to completely miss the Final Fantasy games first time round. Eh I buy games and then sell them if they're RPG's. Like with any other art form, there are certain games that … As for OoT the game is really good despite nostalgia, not arguing with that, I have it on 3DS and it really improved aspects with the gameplay and graphics that were somewhat antiquated. Worthy of a replay every 2 or 3 years, I'm overjoyed to have this on Switch. Welcome to T3's Final Fantasy 7 Remake (Final Fantasy VII Remake) review of deals. I really enjoyed FF7 but I found not much replayablility. Although this game is technically called Final Fantasy VII Remake, it should probably have the subtitle "Part One." I can see past the 480p graphics and appreciate a solid experience to be had. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Hands-On Preview: What Comes After The Demo, Tifa And Aerith Combat, And More. With that being said, it’s also the sort of thing that has since been surpassed in almost every manner by games that took the concepts it introduced and expanded upon them in plenty of new and more interesting ways. You think XIII is overrated? I couldn't play it though. NIS America's January Sale Goes Live On The Switch eShop,... New Nintendo Twitter Account Will Share Corporate And Fin... Capcom's Switch And 3DS January Sale Is Now Live In North... Join 1,091,202 people following Nintendo Life: © 2021 Nlife Media, partner of Gamer Network. The character design in game looked very Roblox (LOL).

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