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Sibley's losses totaled 150-230 killed and wounded. The Battle of Valverde was an American Civil War battle fought from February 20 to February 21, 1862. Aware of the growing fight at the ford, Sibley also sent reinforcements in the form of Colonel Tom Green's 5th Texas Mounted Rifles and elements of the 7th Texas Mounted Rifles. This town was at a ford across the Rio Grande river in what was at the time Confederate Arizona. The Battle Of Valverde Today I had the first chance to try out a game with my rebased 6mm ACW figures. What has been overlooked are the reasons that led to the success of this frontal assault where so many others failed during the Civil War. When the Confederate threat was eliminated in New Mexico, Carson led forces to suppress the Navajo , Mescalero Apache, Kiowa , and Comanche tribes by destroying their food sources. But holding Valverde Ford proved untenable because the Confederates had just three days’ rations and not enough firepower to blow Canby into submission. Assessing the situation, Canby decided against a frontal attack on Green's line. 1 Prelude; 2 Battle; 3 Aftermath; 4 Batalhas; 5 Notes; 6 References; Prelude. Home » Battles. Seeing the Union assault forming, Green ordered Major Henry Raguet to lead an attack against the Union's right to buy time. Well written and easy to understand without being too boringly documentary Nagle … Battle of Valverde; Began: February 20, 1862 Ended: February 21, 1862 Location: Socorro County, New Mexico Theater: Trans-Mississippi Theater Campaign: Sibley’s New Mexico Campaign Outcome: Confederate victory Combatants. Products. The Battle of Valverde was fought on February 21, 1862, during the American Civil War (1861 to 1865). The fortunes of war swayed repeatedly, but by evening the Texans had captured one of the two Union artillery batteries and driven Canby back to Fort Craig. The daylong Battle of Valverde on February 21, 1862, was a decisive Confederate victory. During the Battle of Valverde, February 21, 1862, McRae's battery performed with great success until the Confederate Texans led by Colonel Thomas Green charged the Union guns while screaming the Rebel yell. Their goal was the capture of Fort Union and the Colorado gold fields. Battle of Valverde. A brief lull ensued around 2 p.m. while the Federals brought their artillery across to the east side of the river. The Confederates needed to cross the river if they were to move on to Santa Fe, but Fort Craig was too strong to attack. Throughout the morning and early afternoon, Rebel reinforcements arrived and joined the battle … As the year began, Sibley began his drive into the territory by advancing from El Paso, Texas, to Fort Thorn at present-day Hatch, New Mexico. Since I had a reasonable amount of information available for it, I decided on the Battle of Valverde, which was fought on the banks of the Rio Grande on February 20th/21st 1862. Mexican-American soldiers fighting off a Union General at the Battle of Valverde in 1862. Showing the single result. Canby left Fort Craig with more than 3,000 men to prevent the Confederates from crossing the river. In the summer of 1861, President Lincoln faced pressure to make a move against the Confederates in Virginia. Gen. Henry Hopkins Sibley's Army of New Mexico, which had invaded the Union Territory of New Mexico. Union Colonel E.R.S. Pyron's advance was supported by Lieutenant Colonel William Scurry's 4th Texas Mounted Rifles. The Battle of Valverde, fought in the Rio Grande bottomlands north of Fort Craig on February 21, was the largest and westernmost battle of the Civil War campaign in New Mexico. Sibley therefore resolved to continue northward to Albuquerque, where the Federals had $250,000 worth of supplies. Once again I wanted to try Bob Cordery's Portable Wargame rules, but I also decided to try them on a square grid. Exploring the most important 55 months in American history. Their charge defeated, the remnants of the lancers withdrew. en Although he lost the Battle of Valverde, Canby refused to surrender as Sibley had expected, and Sibley felt that the fort was too strong to attack. Ill (or drunk), Sibley remained in camp after delegating field command to Green. Civil War Re-enactment of the battle of Valverde. It was a major Confederate success in the New Mexico Campaign of the American Civil War. The "Guns of Valverde" is the sequel to "Glorieta Pass." The Confederates moved to within about a mile south of the fort on February 16. Pounding the Confederate position with artillery, Union forces slowly gained the upper hand on the field. Next story » Today in Military History – February 21, 1862 There are many “unknown” stories about the American Civil War (or the “War of Northern Aggression,” or the “Great Unpleasantness” if you’re so inclined) about which the casual reader does not likely know. The fighting intensified on the 21st, as a large Federal force met the Confederate advance toward Valverde Ford. Valverde . Categories. On the Confederate side, a drunken Sibley turned over command to Colonel Tom Green early in the afternoon. At Valverde ford, in a day-long battle between about 2,600 Texan Confederates and some 3,800 Union troops stationed at Fort Craig, the Confederates barely prevailed. Contents. After the battle of Valverde, the Confederates marched to Santa Fe. [2] The battle was a major success in the New Mexico campaign of the Southern states. The Confederate march resumed the next morning, with Sibley in an ambulance due to either illness or drunkenness. They could not wait Canby out because their supplies were dwindling. He dispatched two regiments under Colonels Miguel Pino and Christopher “Kit” Carson to block them. Learning of the standoff, Canby departed Fort Craig with the bulk of his command only leaving a force of militia to guard the post. However, the cost exacted in men and matdoomed them as they moved into northern New Mexico. The Battle of Valverde : Classification 2: B Casualties 3: Union: 202; Confederate: 187; Results: Confederate Victory Battlefield Website: Battle of Valverde - Wikipedia; Fort Craig - Wikipedia; Fort Craig National Historic Site; Lodging and Restaurants: New Mexico Tourism Recommended Resources: 1 Please click on the image to enlarge it. Despite possessing a numerical advantage, the Union forces did not attempt to assault the Confederate position. Battle of Valverde. On March 28, 1862, Union and Confederate troops fought the key battle of the Civil War in the far West at Glorieta Pass, New Mexico. WikiMatrix. Canby initially believed that he could still win before acknowledging “that to prolong the contest would only add to the number of our casualties without changing the result.” He ordered a retreat, leaving his dead, wounded, and artillery on the east side of the Rio Grande. February 21, 1862 – Brigadier General Henry H. Sibley’s Confederate Army of New Mexico began its mission to conquer the New Mexico Territory, culminating in a fight at a ford on the Rio Grande. Within the fort's walls were around 3,800 Union soldiers led by Colonel Edward Canby. From there, Sibley sought to capture Albuquerque and the territorial capital at Santa Fe, and then move into either the Colorado Territory or California (he had already put this plan in motion by dispatching 60 Confederates to capture Tucson). To do nothing with these men would squander their patriotism and result in demoralization. The Rebels were on the east side of the Rio Grande and the Union fort was on the west side. However, the U.S. troops retreated into the fort, which was never attacked. Following the Rio Grande, he intended to take Fort Craig, the capital at Santa Fe, and Fort Union. Canby, aware of Sibley’s plan, deployed scouts and bolstered defenses while awaiting his arrival. It was fought near the present day town of Valverde, New Mexico. Department of New Mexico Army of New Mexico Commanders; E.R.S. Products. Instead, he sought to force the Confederate left flank. 12:00 PM Programs and special exhibits in camps . All pictures are stock photos. ), p. 687. Alerted to the Confederate movements, Canby dispatched a mixed force of cavalry, infantry, and artillery under Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Roberts to the ford on the morning of February 21. Though he ultimately occupied both Albuquerque and Santa Fe, Sibley was forced to abandon New Mexico after the Battle of Glorieta Pass and the loss of his wagon train. The Battle of Valverde was actually a two-day battle from Feb. 20-21, 1862. The majority of the fighting between the Union and Confederates took place at a ford of Valverde Creek in New Mexico territory. Crossing to the eastern Rio Grande bank, Canby arrayed his forces to contest the Confederate attack. During the American Civil War, Carson led a regiment of mostly-Hispanic volunteers from New Mexico on the side of the Union at the Battle of Valverde in 1862. The Battle of Valverde, or the Battle of Valverde Ford from February 20 to February 21, 1862, was fought near the town of Valverde at a ford of Valverde Creek in Confederate Arizona, in what is today the state of New Mexico. 1:30 PM Reenactor raffle Ladies Fandango and Tea (Garcia Opera House) (Public is encouraged to attend! The Federals lost 263 men (68 killed, 160 wounded, and 35 missing) while Sibley lost 187 (36 killed, 150 wounded, and one missing). Next morning, February 21, Sibley sent an advance party consisting of four companies of the 2nd Texas Mounted Rifles under the command of Major Charles Pyron to scout ahead to the Valverde ford, with the 4th Texas Mounted Rifles under Lieutenant Colonel William Read Scurry following close behind. Canby, believing he was out-numbered elected not to pursue. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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