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Dealer return policies. They combined the color of the door sidings with black and brown and the seat in GREY. We didn’t even bring it home. in Shopping & contracts, Vehicles on 2011-11-01 by Michelle :: Comments (96). really such an nice and decent information shared here with awesome stuff. Hi, I just bought a brand new Acura ILX 2017. Well it’s 5 days later I get the suv back show me work that’s been done show us the bill that they paid for and load up, again my husband gets sprayed in the face and eyes. I hope this information helps! No. We had to get it towed back to the dealership and they told us they would try and fix it. Now my question is i have a right to change my cr-v same model or return it because right now im big disappointed about that problem. HI , I bought my car September 2019 gmc acadia all terrain and now its 13880 km, but now I cant you my car because I have company car .Its is possible to return the car to TD bank .Im leaving in quebec province. Do you answer questions on how to return a car on a private car sale due to misrepresentation just bought last night. In addition to the above policies, please make sure to review our Border Crossing Policy to ensure all additional requirements are met. Hi Annie, thanks for your question. They have recently written a blog post about returning a car and here is the link – Required fields are marked *. what should i do concerning this issue. Between a potential trade-in, down payment and selecting a new car, what usually amounts to be a large financial transaction has many aspects. Best of luck. Hi, I recently purchased a new car and after a week, the dealer phone me to say that they made a mistake on the computation of the price, thus i owe them about 4k more. Here is a website if you would like to learn more about the small claims process in BC. Can you give me answer what i need to do. First Drives; ... adamant that they can return a car within three days for any reason. If there is a significant defect, you may be able to return the car and get a replacement or refund. Hi singh, thank you for asking us a question! Hi Chester, If the dealership you purchased the vehicle from was licensed with Vehicle Sales Authority of BC, you may want to contact them. You may be interested in contacting the Motor Vehicle Sales Authority of BC as they are the regulator of this industry. The dealer switched the trade-in amount and remaining lien amount. They were also asking for a down payment. i was informed by the repair shop and the dealer that the Evap flow does not affect the engine or the vehicle. another diagnosis was performed. As for the credit history, if you default on your payments it may affect your credit history. Here is a link to their website: Policy brief & purpose. Can I go back to the dealer and ask to have this ammended? Vehicle Sales Authority of BC has a blog post about this topic – “What you should know about vehicle returns” and the link is here: I think this post will give you an answer to your question. It’s our understanding that usually you cannot return a new car. I hope this helps! Request number 1fb80291a80fbb747c0bd3bc560cbaaa. I have signed all the papers and the car is in my garage. You may want to contact the Motor Vehicle Sales Authority of BC as they are the regulator for this industry, I would suggest starting there. Thank you! If you have purchased a warranty for your vehicle and it is still valid, you may want to also contact CAMVAP (Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan). It’s recommended that you create a log book to track and document your fuel usage. Hi Ken, thank you for your question and sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Scope Thanks. After signing the New Nissan 30 Day Return Policy paperwork, AutoCenters Nissan customers can turn in their recently purchased vehicle* for the amount equal to that which they paid**, as long as the vehicle is still in good condition. Often consumers think there is a grace period where they can return the car, but this is not the case. I want the dealer to replace it with a new car. While Consumer Protection BC has no legal authority when it comes to vehicle dealerships and sales, I think I have the perfect organization for you to contact. Their website is:, Here is their blog post on the issue: Mechanical damage will be subtracted from refund value. Here is their contact information: I hope this information helps! After reviewing numbers,its just need t a smart move. I hope this helps and best of luck! I don’t want a brand new car repainted. Thanks. Hi Mike, thank you for your question. In BC, the Vehicle Sales Authority (VSA) oversees the retail sales of vehicles sold through licensed dealerships. I go home started checking more things out and suddenly stuff stops working. Now, the car looked like a SMORGASBORD of 3 different colors. WHAT YOU NEED TO CHECK Once you’ve decided on a vehicle there are steps you should take to protect yourself. Kathryn Hatter at The Nest writes, "Make your return decision as quickly as possible. Here is a link to their contact info: Can you help me to get my money back? If you have minor gripes after driving the car home, GM wants to give you a month to get over those. Dealer Offers Because there is no federal law requiring dealers to accept car returns, you usually can return a vehicle only if your dealer offers you the option to do so. You can also contact them at or by phone at 604-575-7255 or toll free 1-877-294-9889. Can i cancal the contract. You could check with the dealership to see if they have a specific policy that speaks to returns, though? In most cases, if you bought it, it’s yours. Read this before you sign the sales slip Buying a used car: common questions about damage declarations. Email me at You may also want to contact Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan at 1-800-207-0685 to see if they can assist as well. They offered me a trade in with additional $4500 payment to them. If you are not satisfied with the transaction itself, you have an option of taking this matter to the small claims court. Hi, I traded my 2006 jeep in for down payment on a 2007 bmw x5. Interest on the car loan incurs the moment you sign the loan papers. Customer service is important to us, which is why we offer a terrific return policy for Car Covers. You may be eligible for help through the Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan (CAMVAP). They have recently written a blog post about returning a car and here is the link – Hi Kinky, thank you for your question. Find out what the seller's policy is before you buy. Any chance I could back out the deal with my down payment refunded? Explore our website at If this is not possible the matter may need to be resolved in a court of law. The most common question we are asked is whether or not they can return the car if they are unhappy with it. Then when I came home we decided not to buy as its too expensive. They told me the car is good to go when I got it and it has been less then a week but two days after I got the car I had trouble with the braking and they told would take care of it. A “company car” is any type of vehicle our company assigns to employees to support their transportation needs for their jobs. Here is their contact information: They said it’s just to confirm you like the truck and u wanna buy. We were offered a decent trade-in amount and so drove off with the new truck, pending loan approval. The dealer road side assistance sent a tow truck over the next day, because there was no more ferries to come in the island that day. For the most part, once the contract has been signed, you cannot return the vehicle. It is a financed vehicle. All I want was for them to have it fix. There is no law that says all sellers must take back an item. A friend of mine told me about this delar who is his friend. I think the best thing to do would be to call the Motor Vehicle Sales Authority of BC, as I bet they’ll know the answer to this question. Hi LC, thanks for your question and for reaching out to us again. Having said that, the organization which oversees the law governing certain aspects of dealerships is the Motor Vehicle Sales Authority of British Columbia. See What About Insurance on page 7 for more information. They gave him all the warranties and made it to $80000. Is there something I can do about it, what are my options? Your email address will not be published. It depends on their policies, though. But days later we found out that we were not approve for financing. I bought a brand new 2018 CR-V and it had marks on the hood and roof. You may want to read the terms and conditions of your sales agreement to see if you have any cancellation rights. the diagnosis and assessment result pointed to engine problem. Can i do that? Company cars belong to our company and we want to make sure our employees use them properly. Here is their contact information:, Hi Linda, have you contacted the Vehicle Sales Authority of BC? Once on the "Start a Reservation" page, enter in your pick-up location. After I left they told my husband to do some signatures. Browse used cars online and get approved for financing. I noticed the check engine light was on at the dealership and they assured me that it just needs fuel injector replace and has no engine problem. They have this blog here you can reference for more info: I hope this is helpful and best of luck! I have since come home and researched the CCM and found it is not worth the money being charged. The first one is the Motor Vehicle Sales Authority of BC (they regulate the licensing of motor dealers, set dealer standards and more — here is a link to their website: Here is a link to their contact info: Return the car in good condition. Their contact information is here – Hi AR, thank you for your question. Here’s a link to their website: Hope you get it worked out. i accepted the offer and planed to find other option to sue or report them. We don’t regulate the motor vehicle industry so unfortunately we won’t be able to help you with any further actions. Customers who have purchased their vehicle prior to August 1, 2018 will not be eligible to participate in the program. Their website is here –, If this forum is still open, I would like to hear what my options and recourse may be for a 2015 vehicle that I had purchased which has just recently experienced an oil pump failure – rare and potentially mechanically fatal. Here’s some information about who to talk to when you run into certain issues involving a dealership and a new car. Thanks! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Additionally, if you have purchased a warranty for your vehicle and it is still valid, you may want to also contact CAMVAP (Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan). Carvana provides car shoppers a better way to buy a car. Hi Christopher, thank you for contacting us. From there, we will do our best to … What can I do ? Once we reached sales person told us about no interest promotion to buy a new. This was on the inside of the car. Check out their blog at My husband and I went to a dealership to check out a truck for his new business. Unfortunately private car sales are not regulated in BC. Hi David, we don’t regulate the motor vehicle industry so we won’t be able to help you with any further actions. I noticed it at the dealership and they said it just needs polishing and they will send it to a detail shop. After paying i went to leave the parking lot went to wash the back window it sprayed windshield wiper fluid in my face . Hi Alex — Thanks for coming to us! I informed the dealer immediately and scheduled me for car check-up, but I can not accept just repair for a manufacturing defect. CAMPVAP can assist with disputes where: You can visit the CAMVAP website or phone their office toll-free at 1.800.207.0685. This blog post may also be helpful to you: You may want to talk to the seller first and see if you can come up with a solution together. I was told the tow truck ferry cost $250 is not reimbursable. the engine light came back on after 5 minutes of driving. If you buy a car from a dealer that explicitly allows returns, you’ll typically be able to take the car … But since i bought this car my back has started paining. I paid and did insurance with 3 month warranty. Hi Mark, thank you for your question. Is that true. I purchased a SUV March 31, and i called the car lot April 4th asking if they would take the vehicle back. they informed the warranty company and they agreed to cover 80 percent of the engine repair. Watch out for curbers! I purchased the vehicle within the last 24 hours. My wife and I have gone down the route of leasing our car now. Thanks for sharing this blog.I like this blog very much. (8 times in 4 hours of owning) Called and Took the vehicle back the next day and they said they would have everything fixed. The organization that oversees the law governing certain aspects of dealerships is the Vehicle Sales Authority of British Columbia (VSA). Ask a Canada Law Question, Get an Answer ASAP! You may want to contact the Vehicle Sales Authority of BC to see if they can help you with some information. The Motor Vehicle Dealers Compensation Fund protects your deposits or payments up to $45,000, if a registered dealer fails to deliver on any part of the purchase or warranty. There is no set number of days for returning a car since it is not a common occurrence. The hatch stopped working automatically and grinds, brakes started to squeal, and the oil pressure levels low turn off engine now warning keeps coming on. Here is their website: Garage Refusing to Return the Vehicle; Selling an Automobile to an Individual. Have you contacted the Motor Vehicle Sales Authority? It was an 05 Ford F250 powerstroke. Here is a link to their page. My concern is I paid for brand new with no issues and thats not what I got. We have no authority when it comes to vehicle dealerships, so I’m not able to provide you with information on this. I was reluctant to go with the deal, but they assured me to buy it then they will send the part to a repair shop to get it replace at my location. It’s been six days since I got it would it be possible to return it? I just bought a new car and the vehicle I thought I bought is not the one i have as it is missing options in the model I understood I was getting. Sounds like you have purchased your car from a licensed dealership, if so, you may want to contact the Vehicle Sales Authority of British Columbia. I hope this information helps you moving forward. Hi, I just bought my Lexus RX350 car in Jun.17 2017, the first time I drove to work on Jun.22, the car couldn’t start, I contact the dealer, they said battery has problem, they let me go to the dealer to change the battery and also do check-up. Great move on buying a new car. I would suggest contacting the dealership directly or speaking with the Vehicle Sales Authority of BC for assistance with this question. So, as we said at the beginning, the simple answer to the question of what happens to new cars that don't sell is: there really aren't any cars that ultimately don’t sell. After reviewing the paperwork very closely tonight I realized that the dealer had added the value of the trade on to my new car loan, instead of the smaller amount that was the balance between the trade value and how much I still owed on the old car, which pushed my new loan amount up by an additional $5,000. We would normally suggest you contact your warranty provider, but it sounds like you already tried that route without success. Today exactly a week from when I got the car it broke down and wouldn’t start causing me to miss a day of work. Here’s a link to their Contact Us page and I hope you get this issue resolved: I hope this helps! I bought vehicle 2 months a go from Nissan and the fuel consumption is too bad.its not working as they mentioned.i didn’t get a positive answer from the dealer or from the head office .what can i do for this?its only 1400km.thnx. they said they would have it fixed next week. I never had any money, they did a split income to qualify my loan. Here’s a blog post they wrote about this topic: We built our own, meaning we put in some options including the Leather seat. They are an independent, non-profit organization that helps make sure that dealers: If you have a complaint about a vehicle you purchased from a licensed dealership, please contact the Vehicle Sales Authority. If we can’t help you directly, we will be happy to provide you with as much information as possible. We wish we had more options for you but you may have to find a way to keep or sell your vehicle. Unfortunately their detail shop was not able to remove it and how they are offering to repaint the panel under warranty. we had disagreement. The most common question we are asked is whether or not they can return the car … They are called the Vehicle Sales Authority of BC and they would likely be able to provide you more information about your rights in this situation, as they regulate dealerships in the province. Now they are saying u already bought it as ur husband signed it. Hello Raj, Private transactions are not regulated and as a result it is up the parties involve to attempt a resolution if possible. Then I left as I had to go to work. You may need to settle your dispute by taking legal action. They license and regulate car dealerships in BC, and their contact information is here –, There is also CAMVAP which has a program that you can use to resolve disputes with a manufacturer about defects in your vehicle’s assembly or materials, or how the manufacturer is applying or administering its new vehicle warranty. Hi Tracy, unfortunately there is no law that states that you have the right to return a vehicle. They may know the answer or, if not, perhaps you might consider seeking legal advice? 5 days later the engine light came back on again, i informed the dealer and the repair shop. Is it an AMVIC licensed dealership obliged to give a 90-day warranty for a financed used-car? What happens if I just give the truck back to him? Sounds like you bought the truck from a dealership so you may want to contact the Vehicle Sales Authority of BC. I purchased my vehicle from a licensed dealer. He also sold us a corrosion control module and paint sealant as part of a paint/rust package. Any advice please! or can they have it fix without me paying? Depending on your concern, another organization may be the ones to speak to; other times, court or legal assistance may be the best option. Note that these po… Betty the Ford a 95 Escort wagon I have purchased. Now I am interested in buying new car but want to pay $1000 per two years rather than paying annual. Here is their contact information:, Hi, Last Sunday me and my husband went to a dealer to buy a dodge truck as used one. Best of luck! Whether it is a new, used Before Buying a New Vehicle Here is their website: on Saturday, Jan. 12/2019. He never mentioned about any kind of 90-day warranty, I know another dealer in town who does that, but I’m not sure about this guy and I don’t know if being a licensed member of AMVIC obliges him to do so.

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