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16 (High School 1st Year) - Aug 2012 When asked why Hinata helped him, he feels that spark when Hinata explains that he wanted to take Hyakuzawa down at his very best[3]. They’re able to maintain concentration in any situation and never get affected by the other teams or by their mistakes. Haikyuu!! After watching the match, I notice how serves […] Yūdai Hyakuzawa ... you will feel like you are losing a part of yourself that you didn't have before you watched haikyuu. In fact, Hyakuzawa thinks that Hinata should have been the one invited to the training camp and not him. Karasuno has a famous rivalry with Nekoma High School, located in Tokyo, which is dubbed the "Battle at the Trash Heap" because crows and cats (Nekoma's mascot) are animals known to rummage through garbage. The 'fukuro' (梟) in the school name means 'owl', which is also their animal representative. This page serves as a directory for the notable characters in the Haikyū!! 96.7 kg (213.2 lbs) - Nov 2018 Many of its players are graduates from Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High. Just in case anyone wanted bouncing shorties in their dash. !, from the kanji 排球 "volleyball") is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate.The story follows Shōyō Hinata, a boy determined to become a great volleyball player despite his small stature. Background Information Karasuno’s match against Inarazaki was one of the best matches in Haikyuu till now. Shōta Yamamoto Fukurodani is a powerhouse school that ranks in Tokyo's top 4 and has been to Nationals multiple times. 6. Haikyuu season 1 Episode 1 English dub. Towering over 200 centimeters (6'7"), Hyakuzawa is said to be an extremely imposing figure. As a team, Nekoma is known for its players' chemistry, strong floor defense, and receives. series, including characters from both the manga and anime series. He is the anchor for the team. ... Tanji is the type of guy who is stubborn and easy to anger. The story takes place in Japan, and follows Karasuno High School's boys volleyball team on their journey to restore their school's reputation and to qualify for Nationals. 47. share. Stage Play's Performance Schedules, Visual, Title Revealed", "Yoshimasa Hosoya, Nobuhiko Okamoto Joins Haikyuu!! Komaki is Hyakuzawa's senior and the captain of the team. They are a very powerful team, who focuses especially on serving, blocking and have extreme mental toughness. Position 百沢 雄大 Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. I really hope Haikyuu goes beyond the highschool level just like Captain Tsubasa did before it. Their team colours are white and turquoise, and their banner says "Rule the Court".They also have a competitive mind leading up to their captain and setter oikawa tooru had an experience involving kageyama tobio and iwazumi hajime, oikawa,was afraid and could'nt affored of losing his game with their rival Ushijima wakatoshi who is in the top 1 in japan(now leading up to this whole example they are afraid of losing but they are not afraid of giving all they have for victory and this explaines their banner "Rule The Court".). !_characters&oldid=1000658665, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 16 January 2021, at 02:47. Saved by Anu Murmu. English Actor Voice Actor Shiratorizawa Academy (白鳥沢学園, Shiratorizawa Gakuen) is a high school located in Sendai, the capital city of Miyagi Prefecture. Anime Casts Shiratorizawa Gakuen Volleyball Club", "Haikyu!! Karasuno is eventually forced to call a time-out as they failed to deal with Hyakuzawa. Their coach, Yasufumi Nekomata, and Karasuno's coach, Ukai Sr., are good friends and want to make the "Battle of the Trash Heap", an official match between their teams, happen. Hyakuzawa is very new to volleyball and can barely understand the rules. Discover (and save!) Zodiac Sign Capricorn Height 184.7cm (6'7) in April and 186.4cm (6'14) in November Bedt dad in Haikyuu. As a result, most of its players (excluding Shirabu) were individually chosen through sports scholarships. Middle Blocker haikyuu crushes x reader (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃ You walked into Karasuno High’s gym and meet eyes with a tall guy with black hair that was weirdly placed but it was kinda cute and his black eyes that made it look like he had an angry personality. Haikyuu just wrapped up its 4th Season just now. Two Meters Natsu Oikawa (Japanese: 及川 ナツ Oikawa Natsu) is a libero for Club Atlético San Juan, a professional team in the Argentine Volleyball Federation. Hyakuzawa sparks a friendship and even deeper rivalry with him when Hinata gives him advice and words of encouragement to improve his gameplay. April 3, 1996 "Hey, don't cry too much. So just request I'll do my best. Miyagi Prefecture Weight Gender They are strengthened by their captain, Tōru Oikawa, a talented setter able to draw out each player's full potential on the court. 22 (2021 National Team) Kamomedai High School (Japanese: 鴎台かもめだい高校こうこう, Kamomedai Kōkō) is a high school located in Nagano Prefecture. Aran Ojiro (尾白 アラン, Ojiro Aran), #4 Voiced by: Jun Kasama Aran is a third-year student and wing spiker. Ep 4: Tsukishima is up against Ushijima in their match against Shiratorizawa. He then looks back at Hinata and admits that he feels bad for Hinata since Hinata's jumping with so much effort and yet is unable to do much. In the Manga The following is a list of characters from Haikyu! Hyakuzawa also appears to have a strong sense of responsibility. In response, Hyakuzawa expresses his opinion that volleyball is pretty simple.[2]. Just a bunch of Haikuu one-shots. Lev Haiba was not better. This tall guy with an athletic build, long dark hair, and a goatee is named Asahi Azumane, and he is a third-year student at Karasuno High who plays as an Outside Hitter in the sports and fun manga and anime Haikyuu. ” Hyakuzawa is very respectful toward Komaki and follows his instructions without any complaints. He later is seen watching Karasuno's game against Inarizaki and watches as Hinata performs the high toss that he taught Hyakuzawa during the first year training camp. Karasuno is nicknamed the "Flightless Crows" and the "Fallen Champs", since they were formerly a powerhouse team that recently fell from grace, tarnishing their reputation as a result; they are also called "Country Bumpkin Crows" by Kuroo, since they live in a relatively rural area. Hyakuzawa Yūdai They are also considered one of the best blockers in the nation, specializing in “read blocking”. akaashi, haikyuuxmalereader, ukai. In their first match for the preliminaries, Karasuno are stunned to be pitted against Kakugawa High School, whose secret weapon is a freshman named Hyakuzawa who is 2 meters tall! By the time of the Miyagi Prefecture's First Spring High Preliminary, he has only been playing volleyball for half a year. Before his match with Karasuno, Hyakuzawa mistakenly believed that his natural height and power was enough to beat Karasuno, thinking volleyball was simple. Haruichi Furudate began his manga career when he was 25 years old with the one-shot Ousama Kid (King Kid), which won an honorable mention for the 14th Jump Treasure Newcomer Manga Prize. Today in this post, we will be talking about the strongest servers in Haikyuu. Haikyuu!! He is one of the heaviest characters in the series. Reader One-shots by astridtheotter with 19,455 reads. High School Student (1st Year, Class 6) - 2012. manages to encapsulate the beautiful bonds of teamwork, friendship, and competition.Karasuno high school's boy volleyball club was a hit back in the day. Likes Home town Instead, Hinata assures Hyakuzawa that he deserves being here for having the "ultimate talent" that is his two meter height.[3]. Inarizaki has a large marching band, orchestra, and cheer team at their games. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Hyakuzawa is relatively new to volleyball. Teams However, he lacks a drive to improve, due to his disdain towards volleyball. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better group of “best boys” than the ones that make up Haikyuu’s Karasuno High School volleyball team. Like Inuoka is a solid guy who manages to block even Hinata's and Kageyama's quick attack! Japan Railway Warriors (Current) Japan National Team (2021) The guy switch on the car key and gently put Hinata on the left seat. Hinata doesn't take any offense. Karasuno High School (烏野高校, Karasuno Kōkō) is located in Miyagi prefecture, Tōhoku region. has officially come to an end with Chapter 402 of the series, and one of the coolest things it does is complete a final arc that sent the series several years forward into the future. In 2012, he began serializing Haikyu!! Male They are an exceptionally strong all-around team, especially due to the presence of their captain and ace, Kōtarō Bokuto, who is one of the top 5 aces in Japan. One of the other first years, who happens to be the tallest member of the team. According to Oikawa, Karasuno doesn't have a particular play style, and instead opts to be open and try out new play styles. Later when Hinata attempts a feint, he easily stops it and pushes it back down toward Karasuno's side. Kei Tsukishima is a character from the Haikyuu!! The school also has a middle school division, Shiratorizawa Academy Junior High (白鳥沢学園中等部, Shiratorizawa Gakuen Chūtō-bu). Seiyu Information Later, he tries to read block but is taken completely by surprise by Karasuno's minus-tempo quick. It boasted legendary achievements from its players, which inspired young Shōyō Hinata to attend this school in the hopes of joining its volleyball team. Page 2 Read Lev x Tall! Shoyo Hinata isn't a large guy, but he's got huge ambitions. He is usually seen wearing a neutral expression until he gets fired up while playing volleyball. Here it is, the song for everyone to enjoy! He is a very tall and skilled blocker. Status Aside from having the tall guy in front of you, you were looking on a large TV over the stage which showed the singer's face. I think that shows the potential in him but somehow this guy who never played Volleyball before manages to take a regular's position. Nekoma High (音駒高校, Nekoma Kōkō) is located in Nerima Ward of Tokyo. Despite being one of the strongest high school teams in Japan, they are the only team in this list that has never played a match against Karasuno in the serie. Their team colours are black, white, and gold, and their team banner says "One ball, heart, and soul". Due to his height and intellect, he is an excellent blocker. Nekoma's banner is red and says "Connect"; their uniforms are red and black. The teacher entered and the lesson quickly started.The lecture had been average and ironically, they were doing English, so I finished fairly quickly with little trouble. His first series, Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya Sensei no Kaidan (Philosophy School, Yotsuya Sensei’s Ghost Stories), was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump in 2010. They are a powerful and balanced team whose individual players are noted to be strong enough to become the aces of any other team, had they not joined Aoba Johsai. Their pre-game ritual is a speech by their captain, Kuroo, who uses a metaphor to remind the team that they are like "blood", and must connect and continue flowing to circulate oxygen and keep their minds working. Looking for information on the anime Haikyuu!! Kakugawa is fully intending on using Hyakuzawa's overwhelming height as an ultimate weapon. High School Student (1st Year, Class 6) - 2012 Although he has height, his lack of technique means he can only score points through spikes and return serves. He is also a member of the Japan National Volleyball Team. Position The word neko in their name means 'cat' in Japanese, thus they are always represented as a cat, who is the “natural enemy” of the crow (Karasuno). Its team colors are black and orange. About Nicknames Negative Goatee Guy (by Suga), Revived Ace, and Goatee Guy Birthday January 1 Age 18 (he's my age!) During the time out, Hyakuzawa listens to his seniors discuss their plan of keeping the ball in play so they can make the best use of him. Discover (and save!) Hyakuzawa has short, black hair in a partial buzz cut near the bottom half of his scalp. !, a manga and anime series created by Haruichi Furudate. A small bullied tangerine meets a whole bunch of tall hot boys and they all play volley ball. Afterwards, Hyakuzawa shares a high-five with Hinata, signifying a developing camaraderie between the two. ... Glad Hinata got to fire the opening shot, also thought that tall guy would be important because of the level of detail done on him from before. Maybe Hinata can finally get his rematch with Kageyama. Jul 3, 2015 - wonderfulworldofmoi: “I enjoyed animating bouncing Hinata so much that I decided to make Noya join him. https://haikyuu.fandom.com/wiki/Yūdai_Hyakuzawa?oldid=105982. Characters that have not appeared in the anime are represented with art from the manga. The “kamome” in their name means “seagull”, which is their animal representative and also a reference to their ability of “being able to fly in any condition”. Haikyuu X Reader One-Shots. Tears of joy and mixed emotions burst through, as Karasuno resolves to win the upcoming Spring Interhigh Tournament. Another hot anime guy from the anime series “Free!”. Their play style centers around their "left cannon", their ace and captain Ushijima, who ranks within the top 3 high school aces in the country. His intensity continues to grow even when Karasuno is at match point. Their uniforms are white and teal, and their banner says "Date Tech's Iron Wall". It showed us all things that unfold in Volleyball Matches. Within its own prefecture, its main rivals are Aoba Johsai High School, Date Tech High School, and Shiratorizawa Academy. So far, he is only shown to be able to spike crosses. Satori Tendo and Chocolate Ice Cream Cursor. Make request because sometimes I lose motivation. Occupation Mar 23, 2018 - Giant Cinderella (manga) Tall girl X short guy They utilize strategies developed by Kenma, their quiet but intelligent setter known as the "brain" of the team. After further encouragement, Hyakuzawa is seemingly inspired by Hinata's words and agrees to test something out for Hinata when asked. your own Pins on Pinterest 22 (Nov 2018) He acknowledges Hinata's ability when he was training with the area's best first years. Inspired after watching a volleyball ace nicknamed "Little Giant" in action, small-statured Shouyou Hinata revives the volleyball club at his middle school. Yakisoba They have a passionate fanbase known for booing at opposing teams. Match Begins!! Haikyū!! He is aware of his own limitations and lack of skills, and it's due to this that he doesn't want to be a burden to his team. Their uniforms are bright yellow, green, white and black. Unnamed Older Sister Karasuno, who were once named as the "Fallen Rivals" and "Flightless Crows", defeats Shiratorizawa with a score of 21-19. Number Once the match resumes, Hyakuzawa finds his spikes being received after Karasuno purposely adjusted their receive formation. Their ace, Kiyoomi Sakusa, is one of the top 3 in Japan, and their libero, Motoya Komori, is the number one high school libero in the nation. They have an ongoing friendly rivalry with Karasuno. Outside Hitter your own Pins on Pinterest 9 (High School 1st Year) Although he is a very kind person, he doesn’t appear that way. Voiced by: Isamu Yūsen (Japanese); Paul Locklear, Voiced by: Tōru Sakurai (Japanese); Jack Ivy, Voiced by: Seigo Yokota (Japanese); Andrew Love, Voiced by: Shōta Chōnan (Japanese); Matthew Carter, Voiced by: Takumi Watanabe (Japanese); Santry Rush, Voiced by: Hiroki Matsukawa (Japanese); Mike Haimoto, Voiced by: Isamu Yusen (Japanese); Jason Duga (English), Voiced by: Mao Ōnishi (Japanese); Joel McCray (English), Voiced by: Masayuki Shouji (Japanese); Mason Butler (English), Voiced by: Akira Koga (Japanese); Shannon Reed (English), Voiced by: Junji Tachibana (Japanese); Kregg Dailey (English), Voiced by: Yukitoshi Kikuchi (Japanese); Mason Butler (English), Voiced by: Toshiyuki Hara (Japanese); Roberto Cardenas (English), Voiced by: Ryōta Takeuchi (Japanese); Joe Daniels (English), Voiced by: Teruyuki Tanzawa (Japanese); John Ramirez (English), Voiced by: Kenji Fukuda (Japanese); Antonio Lasanta (English), Voiced by: Daiki Ōmori (Japanese); Nathan Wilson (English), "Ayumu Murase, Kaito Ishikawa Lead Haikyuu! Pre-timeskip Concern: Receives are difficult. (Y/N) POVTurns out, I was in most lessons with Tanaka. Hinata nicknames him the “scary-looking guy”. In the Anime Kanji Height Cast", "Haikyu!! 88.2 kg (194.4 lbs) - Apr 2012 When he walks past Karasuno, his presence alone is intimidating enough to fluster his opponents, especially Hinata. Shiratorizawa is notorious for its ruthless academic entrance exams, which are extremely difficult to pass. Haikyuu. Their uniforms are blue and white and their banner says “habit is second nature”. His name is Sousuke Yamazaki, and he appears in the second season of the anime. Their school colours are white and purple, and their school banner is a Japanese idiom that roughly translates to "irresistible force". Yeah. Fukurodani Academy (梟谷学園, Fukurōdani Gakuen) is a school located in Tokyo. Asahi Azumane is a very quiet and kind guy, he … Hyakuzawa soon realizes just how wrong he is when Hinata continues to spike before Hyakuzawa can even reach to block. 5th Stage Play's New Cast, Visual, Debut Dates Revealed", "Hiroshi Kamiya, Kaori Nazuka, Daisuke Namikawa Joins Haikyuu!! He keeps them from flying off the rails and panicking. As of 2018, he is a middle blocker for the Japan Railway Warriors, a professional volleyball team in Division 1 of Japan's V. League. So his seniors instruct him to focus on spiking and taking points from Karasuno. The team specializes in blocking and has the highest blocking rate in the prefecture, earning them the nickname "The Iron Wall". Hinata doesn't seem to be on his right mind, he doesn't even realize that he's in the car. Slow down It's huge. this is my very first real volleyball game. Post-timeskip Concern: Receives are difficult. Guy.exe and Haikyuu!! As part of training, the players are playing 2-on-2 matches. Later when Hinata proves him wrong, Hyakuzawa takes the initiative to seek out his senior to recant his words after being humbled. Smells like a solo don't say stuff like that it's toy. When Karasuno takes the first set, Hyakuzawa shows no sign of being discouraged. They are known for their three person block and read blocking. The guy … However, he is once again proven wrong when Hinata hits a block out targeting his fingertips, winning the match in the process. You'll get sick if you don't stop crying." the guy hands Hinata a bottle of water. Anime Cast", "Haikyu!! The first two characters of its school name (白鳥) mean 'swan' in Japanese, but because its direct translation is 'white bird', they are often represented by white eagles. Hyakuzawa, being the most inexperienced of the bunch, quickly finds himself lagging behind the others. Ukai states that their blocking is even more powerful than Date Tech. He wouldn't say anything to me, but he would stare a lot and sit next to wherever I sat. 201.2 cm (6' 7.2") - Apr 2012 202 cm (6' 7.5") - Dec 2012 Their uniforms are black and white, and their school banner says "we don't need the memories", alluding to their highly competitive nature. When Komaki seems to be shaken by Karasuno's strength, Hyakuzawa assures him that he will do whatever he can to take points back. Home country He is willing to do everything in his power to contribute.[1]. Post-timeskip (Haikyu!!)? However, the final guidebook and the official illustration book both list him as 204 cm and 96 kg, indicating the statistic in the chart is an error. don't be that guy but guys. Mezo is a tall, muscular young man with pale gray hair swept forwards, covering most of his face, and bent downwards at almost a right angle over his eye. Debut Information Anime Cast", "Satoshi Hino, Miyu Irino, Yuu Hayashi Join Haikyuu Anime Cast", "Haikyu!! 204.4 cm (6' 8.5") - Nov 2018 Male Reader from the story Haikyuu x Male! Yet lets get on with on with the description. anime and manga. He is the oldest of the series' first-year students. It is a powerhouse school whose boy's volleyball team ranks in the top four in the prefecture. This is reflected in the fact that not only does it have multiple seasons, those seasons are also broken down into parts because there is just that much content to serve its eager fans. For the rest of the training camp, Hyakuzawa is performing a lot better and beginning to find his own rhythm to keep up with the rest. 3rd Season Official English Dub Cast List", "Haikyu!! The inari (稲荷) in the school name uses the same kanji as Inari Ōkami, the Shinto deity of foxes; thus, they are often represented with foxes and torii. The minute the match starts, Hyakuzawa spikes over three blockers to score for the first point of the match. Satori Tendo loves to tease his teammates and opponents who are usually annoyed. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. Hyakuzawa continues to dominate at the battle near the net, pushing Kakugawa's score to 3-0. Age (Japanese: ハイキュー! Like any other swimmer, Sousuke is also one very muscular and tall anime guy. tall guy short girl anime - Pesquisa Google. Hyakuzawa and his team, Kakugawa, face off against Karasuno in the second match of the First Spring High Preliminary. In recent years, Aoba Johsai has been consistently qualifying for the finals of both the Interhigh and Spring High, but are always defeated by Shiratorizawa. ... Get a haikyuu mug for your guy Bob. Jovan Jackson Tsukishima loves to incriminate Hinata and Kageyama. According to Coach Ukai, Shiratorizawa power is more of an addition of each individual player's strength, since each player only plays to his own skills, contrasting Karasuno's 'multiplication' of player strengths. Ever since seeing a small player score in a National Championship, he's been determined to become the next big thing in High School Volleyball. Hyakuzawa is one of the first year players selected to attend the Miyagi First Year Intensive Training Camp. Age So, you didn't miss that much. Date of Birth Hyakuzawa is certain that he would win now that Hinata can't use his speed to his advantage. In contrast to his domineering height, he is very soft-spoken. While the concert was ending and the music turned down, the singer would throw some things like necklaces, balls with charms in … 3RD SEASON OFFICIAL ENGLISH DUB CAST", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Haikyu! Haikyu!! The anime Haikyuu!! They were the undefeated champions in Miyagi prefecture and rank within Japan's top 8. Yūdai Hyakuzawa (Japanese: 百沢 (ひゃくざわ) 雄大 (ゆうだい) , Hyakuzawa Yūdai) was previously a first year wing spiker at Kakugawa High. Kakugawa High (Former) Haikyuu is a sports anime that has reached unparalleled levels of popularity. V.League Division 1 Player Yūdai respects Hinata and sees him as a rival. According to Coach Ukai, they are a difficult matchup for Karasuno, calling them Karasuno's 'archenemy' within Miyagi. Image gallery In an officially released chart from Monthly Volleyball 2020 August Issue, he is listed as 206 cm and 100 kg in July 2020. Directed by Susumu Mitsunaka, Yûsuke Sunouchi. He is determined more than ever to take back points for his team. Apr 11, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Recycling. Once they did so, Hyakuzawa spikes the ball above Kunimi's block. Aoba Johsai High (青葉城西高校, Aoba Jōsai Kōkō), also called Seijoh for short (青城, Seijō), is a private high school located in Miyagi Prefecture. Inarizaki High School (稲荷崎高校, Inarizaki Kōkō) is a high school located in the Hyōgo Prefecture of Kansai region. Hyakuzawa currently plays for the Division 1 V-League team the Japan Railway Warriors as a middle blocker. It was weird, but it didn't really bother me too much. Ōmimi is a third-year at Inarizaki High School, and a middle blocker. Weight Hyakuzawa would also watch Karasuno's matches at Nationals as early as the Inarizaki game and would be seen until Hinata collapsed from his fever. This tall guy with red hair is very funny, loud, and a bit sarcastic, confident in his abilities because his guesses about games are almost always true. Manga Anime Casts Ryūsei Nakao as Shiratorizawa Coach", "HAIKYU!! Best character in haikyuu. Anime Cast", "HAIKYU!! Japan I don't update regularly, so slow updates there. He would also play on the Japan Men's Olympic Volleyball team. SEASON 2 OFFICIAL ENGLISH DUB CAST", "Voice Actor Kazunari Tanaka Passes Away at 49", "Yuichi Nakamura, Yuki Kaji and Shinnosuke Tachibana Join Hakyuu!! One of his teammate assures Hyakuzawa that his height is the ultimate advantage. So I did some changes and made it just haikuu. Second Season Casts Masayuki Shouji as Kanji Koganegawa", "3rd Haikyuu!! Manga (Timeskip) He takes Hinata's suggestion of his gameplay to heart and uses it in the next 2-on-2 match. The other players have compared his skills to that of middle school level and dreaded being paired with him. When the pace becomes increasingly fast, Hyakuzawa lands a first touch that returns the ball high, buying his team enough time to regroup. Hyakuzawa has short, black hair in a partial buzz cut near the bottom half of his scalp. The team is highly popular and fan favorites for winning Nationals, and are supported by their strong lineup, particularly the Miya twins, Miya Atsumu and Miya Osamu. Family Anime For the majority of the series, she was a third-year student at Aobajohsai High, serving as the captain`s aide of some-sorts for the school`s volleyball team. Report Save. The karasu part of the school name "Karasuno" means 'crow'. Have this drink. Character Info RIP Daichi he was a good guy I really liked his personality he was a good leader and a nice character. Also Known As Itachiyama Institute (井闥山学院, Itachiyama Gakuen) is a high school in Tokyo, the “itachi” (鼬) in their name means “ferret”, which is their animal representative, although not officially confirmed. Anyway enjoy. Stage Play Unveils Aobajōsai High School Cast, Visual", "Haikyu!! With Ayumu Murase, Kaito Ishikawa, Satoshi Hino, Miyu Irino. Afterwards, Hyakuzawa calls out to his teammate to take back what he said about volleyball being simple. For the last point, he faces Hinata in a head-to-head battle. He has short dark brown hair and beautiful teal eyes. To me if you suddenly boot out a regular they better be better than the guy you kicked off. Teams They are known for their strategic yet aggressive play style. He doesn't react much other than an simple acknowledgement that he's listening even when his seniors openly praise and brag about him being an asset to the team. Rōmaji As he grows more insecure and depressed, he accidentally blurts out to Hinata that he should have been the one invited to the camp instead. 34 He also seems to be a serious and subdued person, which can be seen from his respectful demeanor to his seniors. Date Tech High School (伊達工業高校, Datekōgyō Kōkō), or Dateko for short, is located in Miyagi Prefecture. He can effortlessly change the … Height Pre-timeskip Towering over 200 centimeters (6'7"), Hyakuzawa is said to be an extremely imposing figure. Karasuno's banner is all black with the sole word "fly" in white. Occupation Jun 14, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Imori Hikaru. He is usually seen wearing a neutral expression until he gets fired up while playing volleyball. Hyakuzawa quickly realizes his mistake and mentally berates himself for saying such careless words. They often hold training camps with other Kanto schools such as Nekoma, Ubugawa, and Shinzen; this group is called the Fukurodani Academy Group. Conversations Number He goes on the offense and is surprised to find Karasuno using a soft block to hinder his spike.

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