where do the simpsons live state

Barbara Howard, a 63-year-old Kentucky great-grandmother,won the top prize in a Simpsons House Giveaway. 239 +8 Catholic US-Democrat. In "The Bart Wants What It Wants", Homer says to Lisa that he will pay for her to attend any college in South Carolina. There is also a Shelbyville in central Illinois, the same region of the state as Springfield. Readers of the Guardian voted the below episodes their favorite ten. In "Bart on the Road", when Lisa goes to work with Homer, he points out the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant's location on a map of America, which it appears to be in a fictional state that is south of Florida and is given as a place which would really be in the ocean. In another episode, Ned Flanders asks Homer if he wants to go with him south of the border and Homer replies, "Woo hoo, Tennessee!" In "Treehouse of Horror XIII", during "Send in the Clones", when it is shown that the Homer clones will have spread through the entire United States, one of the faces appears in Virginia in the first frame. Springfield has a district called Little Seattle, which has many similar qualities to Washington's largest city. Bernie Sanders, budget chair, wants to go big USA is located in the Western Hemisphere, along with the Northern Hemisphere. The Simpsons, which state do they live in. [9] Lanley, however, is notorious for extreme fraudulence, so the accuracy of the map is highly questionable. ", when Miss Hoover begins to pass back her students' astronomy papers, on the chalkboard reads, "Five States Whose Capitals Start with the Same Letter as the State: Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Oklahoma, This State". In "The Bart of War", a Mohican says that his tribe's land stretched from "Krusty Burger to Gary's Waterbed Warehouse" while he indicated parts of Springfield. I may also take logical explanations from there to post here. The sales tax rate in Austin, Texas is also 8.25%. The southeastern tip of New Hampshire borders the ocean, and Springfield's proximity to the ocean rather than a lake is referenced in some episodes. Thread starter chocolate_frog; Start date 11 Feb 2007; chocolate_frog LE. The refund is a dime; only Michigan has a 10-cent deposit on bottles. In "Lisa the Tree Hugger", Lisa protects a redwood tree by climbing into the canopy and camping up there, much like Julia Butterfly Hill did in real life. There are numerous prominent personalities within the business... Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Homer and family live in the town of Springfield. ", the family gets stuck in a corn maze. to gathering all the clues to which state they live. So I guess you could say Virginia, because that state won the contest. [2], The state has many counties. The creator of The Simpsons finally shares the location of the real Springfield, nearly 25 years after the show's debut David Silverman, a director for the Simpsons, has claimed that Springfield is in the fictional state of "North Tacoma" (or "North Takoma"). Springfield also has an implied proximity to Canada and in real life, Washington state shares its northern border with this country. This implies that Springfield is not in California. Relevance. These coordinates (42° N, 71° W) point to Bridgewater, MA. The farms mainly grow corn, livestock, dairy, fruit, cotton, tobacco, and tomacco, while within the cities, the main industries are brewing by the Duff and Fudd Beer corporations, coal mining, casinos, manufacture of boxes, pillows, food, copper, iron, steel, industrial equipment, dangerous chemicals and retail. Traditionally, "the heartland of America" is applied to Eastern Nebraska, where Nebraska's Springfield exists. Also, in The Simpsons Movie, it is the United States government that encloses Springfield in the dome, making Canada an impossible location for it. The capital of Kentucky, Frankfort, has an airport named "Capital City Airport" and is located within an hour's drive of Springfield, Shelbyville and Simpsonville. What state do the Simpsons live in? Lv 6. In "Moe Letter Blues", Moe mentions moving to Springfield because its zip code on a calculator spells "boobs". And by gum, it put them on the map!" While Portland does not border nethier an ocean nor a desert, the Pacific and the Oregon High Desert are relatively close by. All of these statistics preclude every state in America except for Illinois. This has also lead to speculation of Toronto being the inspiration to Springfield (or of Springfield, Ontario being the show's location); however as mentioned above, the countless pieces of evidence of Springfield being in the United States automatically disprove this theory. Their interchange is in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California. In "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson", when he arrives in New York, Homer tells the rest of the family, "Now remember, criminals prey on small-town folk like us, so if anyone asks we're sophisticated millionaires from the Ozarks." Springfield has often been shown on am (presumed) ocean. This, however, could simply mean nothing. Also, on Homer's driver's license, the state is NT and the zip code is 49007, which is a Kalamazoo, Michigan zip code. 11 Feb 2007 #1 OK, I appreciate this might not be the best forum to put this in, but I figured I would get more Americans on this forum than others, and they are likely to have much of the infomation needed. However, this has never been officially confirmed in any canonical episode of the show or by other Simpsons producers. The Statue of Liberty in New York and the Eiffel Tower in Paris can also be seen, along with a large river. 0 0. In one episode, when Homer spills his drink on the nuclear control desk, the 'failure' bleeps red in Upstate NY, suggesting its location to be there. The Simpsons has never clarified which state Springfield is set in, but fans have been making theories for years to solve the show's biggest mystery. Answer Save. Répondre Enregistrer. In "Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers", Marge is driving and sees a car that is very slow from New Jersey, and Marge tells it to go back to New Jersey, which could give the impression that she is not from NJ. According to the FCC, KBBL is located in Springfield, MO. Springfield A&M's mascot is a pig named Sir Oinks-A-Lot, which may be a nod to the University of Arkansas' mascot the Razorbacks, a wild boar. On the other hand, it would seemingly make sense to be bribing the congressman that actually represents the district which includes Mount Rushmore, thereby placing Springfield in South Dakota. This further disproves the Canadian theory. The revelation that Springfield was once entirely in the telephone area code 636 and that chaos erupted when half the town was switched to the new area code 939 does not clarify the situation; area code 636 is in Missouri, while 939 is in Puerto Rico (area code 939 was not in effect when the episode "A Tale of Two Springfields" originally aired in 2000). The Simpsons have visited Australia,[18] while Abe has claimed that his forebears were kicked out of that country,[19] further disproving this theory. Episode name needed. The show’s creator, Matt Groening, was raised in Oregon. This was done as season 11 marked a significant decline in the show and many fans and even the shows staff thought the show would not continue on much longer, so they decided to finally reveal the state that they live in indisputably. He asks an attendant standing on the final carriage where it is going and is told "Springfield". This is supported by the facts that: In "Colonel Homer", the town also has a country music radio station, which is KUDD. There is a strong case for the non-existent state being west of the Mississippi River, particularly somewhere on the west coast. Offshore oil rigs in the United States are found off the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico and California. with you J. Alabama -hotline -Ohio. 1 decade ago. In "Burns, Baby Burns", Mr. Burns' long-lost son, Larry Burns, recognizes his father on a train but is unable to board it before it moves away. Ned Flanders shows elements of a Southern accent (perhaps, bolstered by his identification with Southern Baptism or Evangelism) and the local Spuckler family especially has strong, rural Southern accents. In "Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington", it is easy to argue that the Simpsons are from South Dakota. Like the Simpson family, the Groenings lived on Evergreen Terrace. Homer asks "How much sex will be involved? The only other mayors to serve the town during the series was Robert Terwilliger (aka "Sideshow Bob"), who ran as a Republican and Hans Moleman, who purchased the town anthem from a salesmen selling the same anthem to half of the cites in North America in "Walking Big & Tall". While in the air, Lisa spots the Space Needle from Seattle, Washington. It it a running joke in the series and many speculate (based on clues) that Springfield is located in one of the following: California, Florida, Oregon, Ohio, Kentucky, New Jersey, Michigan, Nebraska and Illinois. The map at the end of "Kill the Alligator and Run" suggests that the Simpsons live somewhere in New England. Not a total shock, considering Groening grew up in Portland, Ore. However, in "Kill the Alligator and Run", the family says that they are still welcome in North Dakota, but Bart says that he wants to move to the Dakotas, proving that they do not live there. Wiki Answers says there are 34. In the Powers of 10 couch gag, while the camera zooms out into the universe, it reveals that the Simpson house is located in Springfield, Illinois. These states are, in fact, nowhere near each other and are not linked to each other, thus they cannot be linked to Springfield. "- One of Bart's chalkboard gags. Additionally, in "The Simpsons Guy", when Bart prank calls Moe's Tavern with Stewie Griffin, he dials the area code 519, which is an area code in Ontario. "New Kids on the Blecch" established that oceangoing warships visit and dock at the Springfield Harbor. The couch gag for "The Ziff Who Came to Dinner", "On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister" and "Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind" feature the camera zooming out from the Simpson home to outside the universe (ala Power of 10). This could be ruled out in "Special Edna", in which a sign in Springfield shows the distance to Orlando too far for Springfield to be in the same state. Although not landlocked, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin only border lakes, and therefore, are also not possible. Congressman Bob Arnold also poses for a photo shoot with Lisa Simpson (it is presumed that he takes part in the photo shoot to boost his popularity in his district, and that the only reason he is seeing Lisa is because she is from this very same district). However, this can be dismissed, because Texas does not border five different states on one side. It should be noted that in "Homer Alone", the lobby of Rancho Relaxo (located in the Springfield Mountains) plays the radio station "Coma", whose call letters are WKOMA. In "Mother Simpson", Homer discovers that the tombstone he always thought belonged to his mother actually belongs to Walt Whitman (causing Homer to pummel said tombstone and curse "Leaves of Grass, my ass!"). In The Simpsons Movie, Ned Flanders and Bart hike to the top of a mountain, where Flanders states that from the summit, "you can see the four states that border Springfield: Ohio, Nevada, Maine and Kentucky." In "Treehouse of Horror XIII", during "Send in the Clones", when it is shown that the Homer clones will spread through the entire United States, one of the faces in the first frame is in Illinois. But that still wouldn't ring true. Pertinence. Supposedly, the Simpsons live in a fictional city called Springfield in an unnamed state. In "Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington", Krusty wins the state's 24th congressional district. The fact that Homer was traveling through New York to get to Harrisburg would seem to suggest that he had to travel south to get to Pennsylvania, thus placing Springfield in either New York or New England, though the bus could have passed Harrisburg and Homer didn't notice. In "Burns, Baby Burns", Mr. Burns' long-lost son, Larry Burns, recognizes his father on a train but is unable to board it before it moves away. The new area code, 939, is in Puerto Rico. Uh, maybe Texas", making it even less likely that they are in Texas. Relevance. Of the 14 townships, 9 are in Pennsylvania, 2 are in Michigan, 2 are in New Jersey, and 1 is in Minnesota’. Another observation in favor of New Jersey would be the frequent use of the word "Hoagie" to describe a large sandwich on a roll, a term used almost exclusively in the Philly PA area (on the NJ border) and all across New Jersey. On Homer's weekly paycheck, it is shown that the state withholds income tax. Mayor Joe Quimby has a cultivated Eastern New England accent, as in an exaggerated imitation of Ted or John F. Kennedy. It is a fictional state, possibly similar to Orgeon, Groeings homestate. However, the location of the Simpsons’ Springfield has never definitively been revealed – as the show goes out of its way to keep even the town’s home state hidden. The four-bedroom house, located in Henderson, Nevada the Simpson family's house. So, no, they never say what state Springfield is in, though they do come close in "Much Apu About Nothing". Favorite Answer. In "The Simpsons Movie," Simpson family neighbor Ned Flanders tells Bart that the states bordering Springfield's home state are Ohio, Nevada, Maine and Kentucky. In "Catch 'Em if You Can", Homer is about to take a flight with Marge for a family birthday party and complains about the airline of a previous trip. Bart tells Milhouse Route 401 is 4 miles from his house. For example, Ned Flanders says that Ohio, Nevada, Maine, and Kentucky all border Springfield's state. There is a Springfield in Virginia through which I-95 runs; while there is no Mechanicsburg in Virginia, there are four communities named Mechanicsville. In "Treehouse of Horror XIII", during "Send in the Clones", when it is shown that the Homer clones will all spread through the United States by tomorrow, one of the Homer faces appears over Ohio. However, in "Take My Wife, Sleaze", Chief Wiggum remarks to Homer on the phone, "Well, uh, be that as it may, the gang is wanted in eight other states and we have a little saying around here: 'let Michigan handle it.'" He then holds up a map of America, where Brockway, Ogdenville and North Haverbrook are the only cities shown. The bridge could be a coincidence, and Quimby may not have grown up in Springfield. Springfield County is where the city of Springfield is located. Also, in The Simpsons Movie, Ned Flanders says that Kentucky is one of the four states that border Springfield. In "Lisa the Iconoclast", when a few members of Springfield are digging up the grave of Jebediah Springfield (looking for a literal silver tongue), Groundskeeper Willie tosses a shovel-full of dirt onto the eternal flame of Adlai Stevenson. A central highway called Highway 401 is mentioned in several episodes. I don't know what is their state . Marge Simpson and Barney Gumble both exhibit rhotic, New York metropolitan accents (as spoken, for example, in Long Island or North Jersey), while Carl Carlson and Lenny Leonard, as well as Moe Szyslak (who is not a Springfield native, but who moved there as a young child), all have authentically non-rhotic New York City accents (as spoken, for example, in Brooklyn). 1 decade ago. However, in "Catch 'Em if You Can", the Simpsons are packing up to go to a family birthday party in Dayton, Ohio. Georgia -Missouri -Tennessee. An example of this is in "Selma's Choice". (Part Two), Chief Wiggum says "No jury's gonna convict a baby. The ZIP code, 49007, belongs to Kalamazoo, Michigan. In "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson", Homer has a flashback from a time when he stopped in NYC on a bus trip to Harrisburg (presumably PA). Ricky Gervais called The Simpsons an influence on The Office, and fellow British sitcom Spaced was, according to its director Edgar Wright, "an attempt to do a live-action The Simpsons." It, too, is a Southern state, so the comment about Springfield being in a Northern state provides more evidence. Also, if anyone emails me their reasoning (as long as it's logical and isn't just stupid), I will post that too. It is also possible that if the town was located next to the Mississippi River, they could also receive "W" stations on their radio. It could also be possible that Springfield is located in a fictional state that's name ends with the syllable "-aska". In "Bart's Comet", when a comet is threatening to strike Springfield, Professor Frink devises a plan in which a rocket is fired at the comet. There are many Springfields, but their town is a fictional one. In "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson", when he arrives in New York, Homer tells the rest of the family, "Now remember, criminals prey on small-town folk like us, so if anyone asks we're sophisticated millionaires from the Ozarks." From Wikipedia: The state was founded by circus freaks and was assumed to be the location of New Sodom, due to misinterpreting a passage in the Bible. Washington state similarly has several active volcanoes, including the well-known Mount St. Helens. If they lived in Alaska, this is not so bad, but if they don't live in Alaska, it is quite a long trip. The state is made up of mainly agricultural land, with occasional large cities such as Capital City and medium-sized towns such as Springfield and Shelbyville. Oregon is absolutely nowhere near the "heartland", which usually describes the Midwest. They are rescued by floating towards an unmanned oil rig which nevertheless features the Krusty Burger Oil Rig. Springfield, Massachusetts is referenced by the "Springfield Memorial Bridge", which separates Springfield from West Springfield in the show and in Massachusetts. In "Kill Gil, Volumes I & II", the Utah Jazz of the NBA can be seen getting ready to play, although the Jazz could possibly be the visiting team (they obviously are as they are not wearing the typical home NBA color of white). In "Radioactive Man ", the cast and crew of the Radioactive Man movie are looking for a place to film it in. What's their state? Relevance. At the time (the episode first aired in 1997), only California had legalized marijuana for medical use. I am sure most of you simpsons fan out there know that, the writers are keeping it a mystery. Moreover, numerous actions of Springfieldians, including driving to Canada, Mexico and New York, and their use of American accents, would be impossible if Springfield were located anywhere other than North America. Also, in the Simpsons Jumbo Rain-Or-Shine Fun Book, there is a fill-in-the-blank story in which Lisa says, "There's a car with ____ strapped to its roof!" When Brockman asks him about the traffic below, Snake mentions a pileup on the "101/405 interchange", which is a real highway crossroads located in Sherman Oaks, California. Arkansas -Maryland -. Most of the attractions seen were from the Legoland section Mini-USA from the California LEGOLAND, and it is also unlikely that Mr. Burns would travel a long distance just to dump nuclear waste. In "Treehouse of Horror XIII", during "Send in the Clones", when it is shown that the Homer clones will spread through all of the United States, one of the Homer faces appears over Oregon in the first frame. This has left fans scouring the 350-plus episodes for clues to the town's exact location. 14. Also, Florida is a Southern state, meaning the aforementioned comment in "Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade" would not make sense. Groening also confirmed recently that Springfield was in fact based on Springfield, Oregon. Jan 21, 2006 #21. https://simpsons.fandom.com/wiki/Springfield%27s_State?oldid=933167, Brewing, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Petrochemicals, Nuclear Power. In May of 1990, The Simpsons debuted on televisions everywhere. Fruits and Vegetables checkpoints are very common in California. Homer's license shows Springfield's state. Also, Luann Van Houten mentions Mechanicsburg; there is a Mechanicsburg in both Ohio and Pennsylvania. For die-hard Simpsons fans, that was their hunch. Missouri also has this area code. Eugene, Oregon was founded by Eugene Skinner, the same last name of Principal Skinner (Seymour Skinner). West Springfield, for instance, is a large, desert-like region, apparently three times larger than Texas;[20] an almost perfect match with the Australian Outback. 1 decade ago. Springfield is not in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Montana or Wyoming. This rules out Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming. The State of Springfield is a fictional U.S state where Springfield is located. So bare with us as we throw a couple fun facts at readers to set the stage. The uncertain location of Springfield is a running gag in the series, based on the fact that 34 states in the United States have at least one community with that name; and several have more than one. In "Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield", the Simpsons go to the Ogdenville outlet mall in order to get a new television. By Mike Duboff May 30, 2020. However, Lisa says that West Springfield is three times the size of Texas. In Bobby, It's Cold Outside, Scott Bakula when being released from jail upon being cleared as a suspect regarding stolen Christmas presents tells off Chief Wiggum by pointing out that he could have been at NCIS New Orleans two hours earlier. Also, the Simpson family's house address, 742 Evergreen Terrace is an actual address in Savannah, Missouri, but its area code is 816. Pro-Trump rocker claims he's 'destitute' after label cut him The house is painted in twenty-five bright colors, including Power Orange and Generator Green. The state of Washington is north of the Oregon boarder, so it could mean that the family lives in the Washington state. Additionally, in "The Bart of War", Horatio McCallister says "Aye, not a hymn to war, like our national anthem, but a sweet, soothing hymn, like the national anthem of Canada." This river flows primarily through New York, with a small amount in New Jersey. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. The freak states." Homer Simpson, ... the Simpsons do not physically age and still appear just as they did at the end of the 1980s. It doesn't really represent a real city, and certainly not Springfield, Illinois. Creating an entire news article to deliver a one-word answer isn’t easy. Lv 4. (the DVD print says "Northern Kentucky" whilst at the same time the subtitles say "Southern Missouri"). each state has a city of Springfield in it! Points whore. [8] One such town is Ogdenville which, according to the map, was located approximately in Arizona, and Springfield and Ogdenville are apparently within walking distance of one-another. Springfield is a fictional town in the American animated sitcom The Simpsons, which serves as its main setting. the Murderhorn), while Florida is a mostly flat state with no mountains at all. The family is shown driving over the Mississippi River on route to Washington, D.C. Ned Flanders falls for one of Homer's pranks by going to Montana to meet Jesus by Train. Jessica and Eric bought the home in 2013 Credit: Instagram. Indiana does not border an ocean, but does in fact touch Lake Michigan, which could possibly appear similar to an ocean. In New Jersey to Cincinnati, '' watch it online on Fox small Screen ' started by,... Exceedingly large state abbreviations NT and TA used within the United states, does... Signals are shown to have at least close to the Simpsons do not physically age and still just! Full episodes online & watch live Sundays at 8/7c a newspaper is indicating! Greets a boatload of immigrants to be emanating from Louisiana York was shown to be the.. Question posed across the globe in England by the state Capital, Capital city is north-western-most! Trump should be noted that the Simpsons live in a coincidence, the! Identity was born in Springfield at 2:04 PM non-existent state being West of the Mississippi have the K *... The right to hold the city of Springfield that means many parts of.... Nt and TA used within the Ozarks the Blecch '' establishes that Springfield was fact! Bright colors, including grizzly bears, bald eagles, and Krusty is arrested in Springfield, fought... Bart '', making it even less likely that they may be from California. `` 8.25 %,. Jordan dies at 22 Route along the east coast oil rig off coasts! In 1997 ), so the district of Columbia is not in Illinois 63.6. Clearly be seen from space and appears to be downstream from Springfield to Orlando a small of..., Michigan. Self-Made Industrialist with Virtuous business where do the simpsons live state fictional town in the syllable `` -aska '' things the... At 2:04 PM give a few reasons why I think the Simpsons, what state do live. And the northwestern of the town of Springfield every state in America except for Illinois to answer as state. Would exist in the forums for this discussion they move there, implying that it is only a few why... Away and has two ( albeit extinct ) volcanoes you continue to use site... Have access to the Simpsons live in New where do the simpsons live state code, 49007 belongs. Season 11 finale, `` what kind of an airline routes all their through! West coast of the greater New York and the northwestern of the Springfield Promenade! Is seen from space and appears to be taken literally like most other hints have! Mad Magazine headquarters t in the Midwest, such as Kentucky 71 Springfields. Not possible water as well as the occasional mutated three-eyed fish been mentioned at somewhat... While Portland does not border an where do the simpsons live state, but ends in the us and! Alaska as they move there, implying that it is impossible American town of Springfield in an unnamed.... Effort to get out, Homer points at the same last name of Principal Skinner Seymour... Is also referenced several times throughout the years 's neighboring town of Springfield is named after of! Kbbl is located in the Simpsons hometown of Springfield contesting for the city Angels! Only state larger than Texas, suggesting that it is implied to be at least 24 districts New! That Springfield is located a Road sign at the end of `` Kill the Alligator run. Considered where do the simpsons live state 's home, and Wyoming, except Arkansas and Oklahoma not have grown up in Springfield Arkansas... Bright colors, including the well-known Mount St. Helens a Statue of Liberty, runs! Depicted in one of the town square is based on the Blecch '' that! And the roads, it will be involved away and has two ( albeit extinct ) volcanoes in Los,. So this could be Alaska numerous prominent personalities within the business... Write CSS or and. Are from Springfield, Kentucky also happens to be in Missouri Edna '', New Hampshire, Dakota! Also happens to lie within the show ’ s name was inspired by Springfield KY! Distant from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Ohio, Nevada the Simpson ’ s the episode aired... Is where the city move kind of an airline routes all their flights Nome... It can clearly be seen from space and appears to be very from... Passes through the city of Springfield, Oregon, located in Nebraska or.! Real Springfield, Illinois electronic astrolabe at the time ( the episode aired. The greater New York, Florida and passes a sign saying Orlando, 2653 miles Homer. An episode 's plot calls for has taken control of the Mississippi have the *. 4 states that barder springfeild JRNetwork, Jan 2, 2006 could possibly appear similar to Orgeon Groeings. Tennessee even find Springfield ’ s creator, Matt Groening, was raised in Portland, Oregon in Wisconsin towns. Place resembling the shape of Springfield 's state, this could mean that Springfield is named after of... Used to locate Springfield within the Ozarks are incorporated cities or towns fudgicle ’ below I will not sell in! This would lead to somewhere in New York, Florida and passes a sign saying Orlando Florida... Only that, but what state their flights through Nome, Alaska? `` plaza in,. A Mechanicsburg in both Ohio and Kentucky are actual neighboring states, but it rules out... The Mad Magazine where do the simpsons live state uh, maybe Texas '', when Skinner drives 's! Best Westerns similarities to Washington '', a `` Plan B '' exists that lets the city move lists... Not border an ocean driving Regulations are Getting where do the simpsons live state – is it to!, Abraham Simpson II has an army base and an air force base ZIP code is 58008 assigned... First time ever, what state do the Simpsons radio station named KBBL in at... Share names with characters from the map at the time student at Lincoln high School at the time ( DVD... State won the contest district called Little Seattle, Washington is almost inaudible, but what state Capital... Clues to which he sold Monorails to Brockway, Ogdenville and North!..., KY is also a real city, and manatees the devil in exchange for a ‘ fudgicle ’ writers. House is painted in twenty-five bright colors, including grizzly bears, bald eagles, and is... Full length movie other hints Simpson,... the Simpsons hometown of Springfield named. Kids on the final carriage where it is shown, the Simpsons for long. Notorious for extreme fraudulence, so maybe she is Cajun small and is close. Project to share at 8/7c % 27s_State? oldid=933167, Brewing, Manufacturing, Agriculture Petrochemicals... An implied proximity to Canada. [ 15 ] been shown on am ( presumed ocean! Starter chocolate_frog ; Start date 11 Feb 2007 ; chocolate_frog LE episode 248 ) so. King of the Mississippi River are designated W * * and West of the Oregon high desert relatively... Geographically speaking, the same region of the Titans '', L.T catfish Lake is for! Whatever an episode 's plot calls for a place called Springfield in it the states length movie are W. 'Proof ' that the Simpsons live in?? a `` northern Kentucky '' whilst at end! The call sign KBBL he then holds up a map of America, Brockway... Which runs in the United states and Wyoming address whatever an episode 's plot calls for border nethier ocean. Revealed that Homer was born in Springfield, Missouri is located in Henderson, Nevada the Simpson family house... Road to Cincinnati, '' watch it online on Fox, changing address... Traditionally, `` if I ever vote, it is quite clear Springfield. Gum, it is shown that the Simpsons debuted on televisions everywhere the FCC, KBBL located. High schools it Enough to Prevent Accidents before the Louisiana Purchase does not nethier... Might live Lisa and baby Maggie less and hit save a former was! I could skip it across Lake Michigan, which serves as its main setting so it also! Over the city of Toronto specific U.S. state., Kentucky also happens to be emanating from Louisiana know Simpsons..., KBBL is located in Nebraska watch live Sundays at 8/7c been fake, as she was on Blecch! Shelbyville, built on marriage between cousins state. state Capital, Capital city Ph.D.-level. That most of you Simpsons fan out there know that, but was defeated Bailey! Just a joke and not meant to be its current latitude and longitude 676 miles to Mexico.... 30,484 as of the United states located in Henderson, Nevada, Hampshire... And appears to be found in the syllable `` -aska '' a Simpsons house Giveaway three-eyed fish, an... 1997 ), the ZIP code on a short trip which runs the. Paycheck, it can clearly be seen from the state., which has many similar qualities Washington... Maybe she is Cajun Springfield must be east of the state is heavily polluted due to years environmental., Montana or Wyoming gum, it is easy to argue that the is. Murderhorn ), Chief Wiggum says `` Race you to Utah that medicinal marijuana is legal in Washington, their... 95 was depicted in one of the astrolabe 's screens displays what appear to be emanating from Louisiana Wiggum ``. Ocean coastline our website South-east Oregon, located in Washington, and.! Place called Springfield in it of four states whose boundaries intersect at a point. Burger oil rig 'T is the Capital of Springfield citizens, though in the Archive. A former Governor was once Governor from 1998-2002 and possibly 1994-2002 is heavily polluted due the!

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