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The prepositional phrase ‘of Jim’s friends’ modifies the pronoun ‘none,’ which is the simple subject. - Sandy takes nice photos. In English grammar, negative sentences are created by adding the negative word after the first auxiliary verb in the positively stated sentence. I have not been going to the gym for seven days. To make sure that you understand the correct answers, our answer keys offer simple explanations as well as handy tips and tricks. In this sentence, never and not are both negatives. 2. She had not been working all day so she was energetic. They won't be working hard. They will not be coming here for the annual meet. English Grammar Online … Affirmative: King Alfred was the greatest king that ever ruled England. (Positive), 20) They were singing merrily. 10) They cannot pursue their dreams this way. Subject + Auxiliary Verbs + NOT + Main Verb + Object, Subject + Do/Does + NOT + Base Form of the verb + Object, She goes to college every day. She will not have been cooking the meal for two years. Sentences can be transformed from affirmative (positive meaning) to negative and vice versa by using the following elements depending on the given instance. The auxiliary verb depends on the tense we are using. 4. I will not call him as soon as possible. The Verb "To Be" - Questions . Jane is a girl. Affirmative: She is richer than me. It contains a negative word like not, never, no, no one, nobody, none, or a negative verb like isn’t or can’t or won’t. (Negative), 17) She prepared fruit salad for the kids. (Negative), He plays cricket after school. (Negative), 7) There are apples in the basket. The Verb "To Be" - Negative Sentences . A negative sentence (or statement) states that something is not true or incorrect. (Negative), 10) He has given his consent for the project. Only a fool would … - It is boring. 5) Negative Sentences In Simple Past Form, Go through the below given Simple Past Form Sentences-, The structure/Formula for the above sentences –, Now consider the Negatives of the above sentences-, Therefore the Structural Formula for Negative Sentences In simple Past From can be constructed as-. In the last two lessons, we covered action verbs and irregular verbs in the present tense. My mother lets me go out with my friends. 3. The negative statement can be formed in a few different ways, depending on what the speaker wants to express. (Positive), The kids ____________ playing since morning. ; For example: a) India is a country in South Asia. Note- the auxiliary verb- ‘will not be’ and the ‘ing form of verb ‘will not change irrespective of the subject. Subject + Auxiliary Verb + Not + Main Verb (ing form) + Object, Subject + Auxiliary Verb + Main Verb + Object, Subject + Have/Has + Past Participle + Object. We can use the verb have with the auxiliary verb do, following the regular neagtion pattern for the simple present. (Negative), 35)  The kids will have been playing since morning. Double negatives change the entire meaning of a sentence fragment even to the point of making it into an affirmative one, making it quite tricky to read and understand what the sentence actually meant. For this we will take Simple Present Tense Sentences one by one and negate them by proper use of auxiliary verbs( do, does) and (no, not). Few simple rules are to be followed for forming Negative sentences in Simple Present, i.e. Negatives and Negation–Grammar Rules. Grammar notes Affirmative sentences in the simple present tense are changed into negatives by putting do not or does not before the verb. - They open the windows. He has no big horses. 2. That is the formula is same whether the subject is he, she, it, a singular noun, we, they, I, you or a plural noun. I had not been cooking any meal when she came to my home. No one (or nobody, or none of the students) in my classstudies Latin. Note- Auxiliary verb and the Main verb remain same, irrespective of the subject. This is referred to some French teachers as a ne pas sandwich. Please, notice that a double negative can often result in an affirmation in the English language (e.g., He hardly stops for small-talks). Again, we add doesn’t between the subject and the verb to make a negative sentence. Negative: He cannot but buy a grammar book. First, complete the sentences with your own answers, and then practice making your own sentences. - She has a cat. 2) Negative Sentences In Present Continuous Form, Let us consider some affirmative sentences in Present continuous Tense, as given below-, The following sentences can be negated by using ‘not’ before the main verb; without changing the present form of the verb, as shown below-, From the above examples a basic formula for the Negative sentences in present continuous form can be constructed as-. The most basic way to make a sentence negative in French is to place ne before the verb and pas after it. 9) There was not a single bus at station. Note- If the subject is he, she, it or a singular noun then auxiliary verb will be- was; and, if the subject is we, they, I, you or a plural noun then the auxiliary verb will be – Were. Note- ‘will not have been’ and the verb form remains the same; irrespective of the Subject. (Negative), 30) He will accept our demands. French negation can be a bit of a challenge. My mother makes delicious cakes. Where is the if-clause (e.g. You have not been smoking. Subject + did not + verb…. Adding the term “not” between the auxiliary verb and the main verb will create a negative sentence. The Verb "To Be" - Positive Sentences . He has not been studying in college since 2010. When you want to express the opposite meaning of a particular word or sentence, you can do it by inserting a negation. (Positive), He is ________ going to the college. (Negative). They had not worked hard. A sentence that tells you something is not so is called a negative sentence (NS). Negations are words like no, not, and never. Some negatives don't sound like negatives because they don't include the words no or not. (Positive), They ___________ been in the diamond industry since 1935. Photo by mentatdgt on Sentences can be divided into two primary groups – Affirmative or Positive, and Negative sentences. (Negative), She did not _________ me her book. Note- The auxiliary verb and the main verb remain the same; irrespective of the subject. Affirmative And Negative Sentences EXAMPLES OF AFFIRMATIVE AND NEGATIVE SENTENCES A sentence Opens in new window can be classified as to whether it states a fact or situation that is, or a fact or situation that is not.. An AFFIRMATIVE SENTENCE states a fact or situation that is—it affirms the information. Maria and her friends are not going to be present today. They are not talking because she doesn’t speak English. (Positive), He ___________ living in the house for 10 years. - You ride your bike every weekend. Subject + had not been + ing form of the verb + object + time frame. Tottie (1991), for example, terms the first type 'Not-negation' and the second type 'No-negation. A negative adverb has to be added in order to negate or “cancel” the validity of the sentence. (Positive), I have not been _________ on the project since 2015. Go through the following example sentences-. The existence of superheroes isn’t proven. 1) Negative Sentences in Simple Present From. – Is an example of a negative sentence. She had been waiting for you since morning. (+) He doesn’t speak Spanish. (Positive), I have not ___________ my home work. For the negation in this case, we don’t use do, instead we put not between have and got. (Positive), They _________ singing merrily. The same is true for ‘neither of them.’ Some of these sentences could also be written using a helping verb plus 'not… An affirmative or positive sentence means something is so, while a negative sentence – which is its polar opposite – means something is not so. English Negative Sentences Examples, 10 Negative Sentences in English She will not be watching TV. Negative: I am not as rich as her. are + not = are not / aren’t 1. In present and past simple tenses, lacking auxiliary verbs, it is typically added with the auxiliary verb "do." ; For example: a) India is a country in South Asia. (Negative), 14) She has been in the pool for three hours. The transformation of a sentence means changing its form without altering its sense. Try forming new positive sentences and negating them by using ‘No’ as an adverb and adjective. (Negative), 26) He will attend the class tomorrow. Negation - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary There are several methods to use the software application to evaluate your work, and you don’t require any technical know-how to do it. We had not intervened to settle the matter. Dogs .................................... chase cats. * Lionsnever eat grass. With Lingolia Plus you can access 14 additional exercises about Negation, as well as 723 online exercises to improve your English. (Positive), She ____________ fruit salad for the kids. She will not be meeting you in the party. Tip: Say the sentences aloud. (Positive), They will _________ living in the house for 10 years. “Did not” goes with every subject. *Note the singular verbs, because ‘none’ is singular. Word Order in English Negative Sentences :: Learn English online - free exercises, explanations, games, teaching materials and plenty of information on English language. Exercise on Negative Sentences . (Negative), She ________ bought a new car. The coffee shop is not yet open for another batch of service crew. I watch TV. Basic Grammar. For Example: Affirmative: He must buy a grammar book. The formation of the sentence remains the same irrespective of the subject. We will not have been listening to the same song since morning. Negations are words like no, not, and never.If you wanted to express the opposite of I am here, for example, you could say I am not here. Verb "To Be" - Negative Sentences Quiz. They have been waiting for the train since morning. In English, we create negative sentences by adding the word 'not' after the auxiliary, or helping, verb. We can also use contractions for the negated forms of have and will: When the verb have indicates belonging or possession, there are two possible ways to construct the negation. She would not have completed her house work. The most common negative construction in French is ne + verb + pas, although there are also other phrases we can use. Here are the most typical ones: Option 1 - We play football. A negative sentence (une phrase négative) allows us to negate a statement, express disagreement, make contradictions or deny the occurrence of an event or action. (Affirmative), We do not go to a movie every weekend. Negatives. Learn how to form negative sentences with the verb to be ( 'm not / isn't / aren't ). The Verb "To Be" Quiz -Questions . 4. (A negative verb with the negative pronoun nobody) 2. We make negatives by putting not after the first part of the verb: They are not working hard. "Any" word sentences also have a "not" and have negative verbs while "no" word sentences have positive verbs. (Affirmative), My house is no better than yours. He will have submitted the bill by Monday. 2. "No" and "not + any" negative sentences: "No" and "any" are two words that can make a sentence negative. Simple Present Tense sentences are the first type of sentences that we come across when we start learning English language. Now we will see how to make negative sentences in the present tense. ‘No’ can be used as an adjective and as well as an adverb; depending on the sentences as explained below-, Below, the above sentences are negated by using ‘no’-. 'Quirk et al. Simple Positive to Negative. Exercise. (Negative), They play cricket after school. 9) Negative Sentences In Simple Future Form, Go through the following sentences in Simple Future Tense Form-, The above sentences can be easily converted into negative sentences by placing ‘not’ between auxiliary verb ‘will’ and the main verb-, The Negative counterparts of the above sentences are given below-. Negative sentences are created by placing an auxiliary verb and not before the main verb. Affirmative To Negative Sentences Exercise With Answers: In the exercise below, there is an affirmative sentence provided; and its incomplete negative counterpart with three choices is also given. They will have been living in the city for past ten years. (Affirmative), Her grades are no more than his. Note- The auxiliary verb- ‘would/will not be’ and the verb form remain same, irrespective of the subject. 1. Use the following pattern. Simple Present Tense - Negative Sentences - English Grammar Lessons Negative sentences have the word ‘no,’ ‘not’ or sometimes another negative word such as ‘never.’ ... grammar – n. the structure and whole system of a language .

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