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So Marshall, Lily, Robin, Barney, the mother, etc. If you’re new to “fan theories According to E! Posted by 6 years ago. Going back to the “Vesuvius” episode, Sharon Kennedy Wynne of the Tampa Bay Times argued for this entire theory to be just that — a theory. While Barney isn't the best in How I Met Your Mother, he may not be that bad, and Ted's just exaggerating. Fans of "HIMYM" have theorized for awhile that the reason Josh Radnor's Ted is even telling this nine-year-long story about how he met his wife and … Log In Sign Up. We’re here to see how they all stack up. Penny exploiting her neighbors would get a side-eye today . StumbleUpon 'The Mother' from 'HIMYM' on season finale theories "How I Met Your Mother" seemed to take a dark turn last week when the episode hinted that the series finale was going to wind up with a heartbreaking death. This is a high quality version of the Official Alternate Ending from the show "How I Met Your Mother" Kaley Cuoco recently said The Big Bang Theory ending may be a great thing. The previous neighbor and their way of life was referenced again in scene two. With The Big Bang Theory ending after 12 seasons, we take a look back to list the hit CBS sitcom’s five best episodes. Britney Spears helped bring in new viewers. After watching the first few episodes of Season 8, and factoring in the new information, I have some updates and changes to prior theories. The character, played by Alyson Hannigan (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), served as one of the core characters throughout the sitcom's nine seasons.Lily was one of Ted Mosby's best friends and ended up marrying and starting a family with Marshall Eriksen. Two of the most popular sitcoms of the 21st century are The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. Now that the show is complete, fans pose theories … There’s a theory that the mom on HIMYM is dead because “Ugh, hurry up, Dad!” is how children respond to stories about their mother. Welcome to WatchMojo.com and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 Big Bang Theory running gags. I’ve been remiss in keeping up with the latest and greatest HIMYM theories, but this post will fix that. 0. In 2018, CBS surprisingly confirmed that the sitcom's season 12 … HIMYM: Why Robin Drifts Away From The Group In The Future Timeline; Big Bang Theory: 10 Hilarious Amy Memes That Will Make You Say “Bazinga!” Friends: 10 Foods From The Show, Ranked; Big Bang Theory: The 10 Worst Things Amy Has Ever Done, Ranked; Friends: 10 Absolutely Hilarious Jokes From Season 1; How I Met Your Mother: The Meaning Behind The Names Of Ted’s Kids; Big Bang Theory… Star Wars: 10 Most Iconic Movie Posters From Outside North America. Don't miss any episodes, set your DVR to record The Big Bang Theory. CBS The pop singer guest-starred as Abby the receptionist on season three, episode 13. 0. HIMYM Theory: Ted Exaggerated Barney's Behavior to Make Himself Look Better. pinterest.com. Comment. Pamela Fryman die HIMYM Regie sagte "fan theories aren't 100% right" und "theories fans have cooked up are missing an important ingredient" also fassen wir zusammen: - die Mutter stirbt nicht! Even though Full House has been off the air since 1995, fans are still obsessed with it — so much so that they’ve created some pretty hair-raising theories. Robin and Ted could never get the timing down, and in HIMYM, destiny (and Ted) ... (& 5 Theories, According To Reddit) Cars: 10 Weird Characters That You Can Also Buy As Toys. Oculus … The Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco says that in hindsight, the CBS sitcom ending after 12 seasons in 2019 might be a blessing in disguise. After 12 years and 277 episodes, fans finally bid farewell to Sheldon, Leonard, Penny and the rest of the hilarious cast in a finale packed with tears and laughter. Close. Friends: 10 Things From Season 1 That Wouldn't Happen Now . One of the most iconic sitcoms of the 2000s, How I Met Your Mother has remained a favorite due to its unique structure and comedy. Discussion of, pictures from, and anything else How I Met Your Mother related. The Group’s Doppelgangers Are Representations Of Their Personal Desires. Share Share Tweet Email. Raj’s sexuality is consistently raised doubt about as a joke, as well. 10 Hilarious Comedy Series On Netflix You Probably Haven't Seen. And when you're done with that, you can also check out other shows like How I Met Your Mother to obsess over, and form your own theories! The show additionally regularly made fun of the gay network. Photo: 1. Each episode covers a mainstream conspiracy theory in a very introductory way. I confirmed quite a bit of information by double checking these sites, and they continue to inspire me to seek out and analyze new theories. Archived. This entry was posted on April 30, 2012, in HIMYM, HIMYM gifs, HIMYM quotes, How I Met Your Mother, Lists, TV and tagged Barney, by me, Carly Whittaker, clues to mom on HIMYM, clues to mother on How I Met Your Mother, Hannah, HIMYM, HIMYM theories, How I Met Your Mother, meme, mother theories, musings, random, Robin, Ted, Ted's kids, Tracy Theory, tv, who is the mother, Zoey. HIMYM: How Color Theory Convinced Me That Barney Marries Robin This ... Here’s what I posted on Reddit about it – I’m going to do another article but I’m not quite there yet: “To be clear – I don’t think there NEEDS to be a theory. Finale Theories. Both series had devoted followings, and lasted for an incredibly long time. Jim Parsons played Sheldon on CBS' "The Big Bang Theory" instead. So buzzfeed compiled some of the questions that the finale should answer, ( ), and I thought it’d be fun to post theories on the answers. Find more subreddits like r/HIMYM -- A subreddit for fans of the show How I Met Your Mother. One of the most iconic sitcoms of the 2000s, How I Met Your Mother has remained a favorite due to its unique structure and comedy. It may have had one of the most polarizing series finales ever, but How I Met Your Mother is that show that I still can't part ways with even after that controversial finale plot twist. I came up with all of this from my own set of notes, compiled by my obsessive watching and rewatching of episodes, but I have to give credit to the HIMYM wiki page for “The Mother” and the Reddit Semi-Definitive “Mother” Checklist. According to Closer Weekly, the reddit user who introduced the theory also suggested Michelle’s character was a demon. Video: YouTube. Bazinga! Michelle’s character always did her best to keep the Tanners locked in their purgatory. They also both spawned various catchphrases, with The Big Bang Theory popularizing “Bazinga” while HIMYM introduced the … Her main role was to keep the family forever in the house. Deleted scenes from the controversial finale of HIMYMSource : https://vimeo.com/123368588 1 Season, 10 Episodes | IMDb: 6.8/10 This docu-series from the History Channel is conspiracy theory-lite. — Scott Beggs (@scottmbeggs) March 5, 2014. ... News, cocreator Craig Thomas wrote on Reddit that Love Hewitt decided to do CBS' "The Ghost Whisperer" instead of "HIMYM." User account menu. 15 The Reason Danny, Jesse and Joey Don't Follow Their Dreams. MySpace. It has to be the olive theory <3 . The originators of this theory are Marshall and Lily. Obviously "The Big Bang Theory," but the connecting thread is a legen --wait for it-- dary fan theory shared on Reddit that Sheldon is actually Barney from HIMYM in … reddit. Reddit clients bring up that the pilot isn’t the last time a transphobic joke was made on the arrangement. While Barney isn't the best in How I Met Your Mother, he may not be that bad, and Ted's just exaggerating. They believe that according to this theory they complement each other. Vote up the best HIMYM fan theories. While the series as a whole scored itself an 83% on Rotten Tomatoes based on the reviews critics and an 83% audience score, there is some variation in the rankings of each season. 5 insane “How I Met Your Mother” finale theories The Internet thinks that either the Mother is dead, Ted is dead, or that Robin and Barney are dead . How I Met Your Mother’s series finale stirred up some serious controversy after years of buildup, so we're here to tell you why HIMYM's grand finish felt, to many fans, like a disappointment. Best Of Rich Swann. But take a moment and read this theory from Reddit user styrrell14: “I came up with this a while back: what if Ted is a high school boy who wants to get married and start a family, and he’s just imagining how he will go about one day doing that? Britney Spears saved the show from low ratings. Finale Theories. By Nicole Waxman Jan 03, 2021. Throughout the series, each of the main characters spots their own lookalike out in the world. trending now. I am in no … Press J to jump to the feed. 0. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Tumblr Pinterest Reddit VKontakte Odnoklassniki Pocket. A fun fan theory suggests that Lily Aldrin from How I Met Your Mother was related to legendary astronaut, Buzz Aldrin. The Big Bang Theory has signed off for good. Marshall and Lily rep It was way back in college when Marshall and Lily were on a date. This theory states that, in Tracy's story, she is Phoebe; Marshall and Lily are Monica and Chandler; and Barney is Joey. don’t actually exist, but just represent different parts of his psyche. vegl. How I Met Your Mother featured a charming cast, incredible story, and long-running jokes that never got old. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

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