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Jesus Himself declared that all the law and the prophets hang upon love (Matthew 22:40; Mark 12:28-34). This article is part of our larger resource library of popular Bible verse phrases and quotes. The word "love" comes up on almost every page of the English Bible. This shows the English words related to the source biblical texts along with brief definitions. The King James Version uses the word charity instead of “love†to translate the Greek word Paul used (agape). Bibliography. The Bible says that God is love and that humans crave love from the moment of existence. God is "love" (1John 4:8,16) just as truly as He is "light" (1John 1:5), "truth" (1John 1:6), and "spirit" (John 4:24). The word "hate" in these passages does not mean to hate in the sense in which we use the word today. —1 Corinthians 13:13, 6. For usage information, please read the Baker Book House Copyright Statement. We are not prepared, then, when God looks for Adam after his sin, calling out "Where are you?" Man must love his fellow-man also. Love bears the infirmities of the weak, does not please itself, but seeks the welfare of others (Romans 15:1-3; Philippians 2:21; Galatians 6:2; 1 Corinthians 10:24); it surrenders things which may be innocent in themselves but which nevertheless may become a stumbling-block to others (Romans 14:15,21); it gladly forgives injuries (Ephesians 4:32), and gives the place of honor to another (Romans 12:10). What The Bible Says About Love, According To Scripture, What 'Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind' Means, According To 1 Corinthians 13, Bible Scripture, 30 Faith Quotes & Bible Verse Tattoo Ideas, Best Apps For Bible Study On Android & iOS, How To Know (For SURE) If A Man Wants To Be With You, What The 'Perfect' Mistress Looks Like (According To Men), These 4 Behaviors Cause 90% Of All Divorces, 10 Signs He's A Genuinely Nice Guy, Not A Jerk. Because he is love, God is not willing that any person should perish, but wills that everyone repent and live ( Ezek 18:32 ; 2 Peter 3:9 ). While the Hebrew and Greek words for "love" have various shades and intensities of meaning, they may be summed up in some such definition as this: Love, whether used of God or man, is an earnest and anxious desire for and an active and beneficent interest ins the well-being of the one loved. The Song of Solomon mentions love in a more attraction-based context. There exists an eternal affection between the Son and the Father--the Son is the original and eternal object of the Father's love (John 17:24). 332-33; C. E. B. Cranfield, A Theological Word Book of the Bible, pp. philo) in its room. Rather than His love being absent in the chastisement of His people, the chastisement itself was often a proof of the presence of the Divine love, "for whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth" (Hebrews 12:6-11). "God Is Love." It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. Here phileo is used for love, indicating the fatherly affection of God for the believer in Christ, His Son. Love for neighbor is a decision that we make to treat others with respect and concern, to put the interests and safety of our neighbors on a level with our own. God is love and has demonstrated that love in everything that he does. Our heart is the symbol of the love that resides in us, and God is the symbol of the love that reflects down on Earth. Yet they must love even enemies ( Luke 6:27-36 ) as a witness and a testimony. What does this verse really mean? The book of John and Psalms are both great starting places to read up on love, and how God is present within our hearts. The "now" is not temporal (as opposed to the "then" of the previous verse), but logical. - And now. In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.” 1 John 4:16 “And we have known and believed the love … Abraham loves Isaac, the son of his old age, the child of God's promise. —1 Corinthians 13:2, 4. God loves the believer in His Son with a special love. He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love" (1John 4:7 f); "We love, because he first loved us" (1John 4:19). And does God really mean that we should forgive and forget everything in the name of love? Everything that God does flows from his love. The key concepts to remember are: love is trusting in our God, love is being faithful to your partner and families, and love is being kind and patient with the world around you. Our actions illustrate our love. God's love is not based on the merit of the recipient ( Deut 7:7-8 ; Rom 5:7-8 ). Labor of Love Origin – The origin of the labor of love quote comes from the King James Bible and is found in 1 Thessalonians 1:3 and Hebrews 6:10. To love Christ supremely is the test of true discipleship (Luke 14:26), and is an unfailing mark of the elect (1 Peter 1:8). When our Lord says, "Lovest thou me?" H. Bergman, TDOT, 1:99-118; E. Brunner, Faith, Hope, and Love; E. J. Carnell, BDT, pp. When asked to define "neighbor, " however, Jesus cited the parable of the good Samaritan a person who knowingly crossed traditional boundaries to help a wounded Jew ( Luke 10:29-37 ). It is also stimulated by the example of the Lord Jesus Christ, who, more than anyone else, manifested to the world the spirit and nature of true love (John 13:34; 15:12; Galatians 2:20; Ephesians 5:25-27; 1 John 4:9). You will notice that, as you read, the Bible can make many meanings out of love. We have the assurance that we have passed from death to life because we love others ( 1 John 3:14 ). Love is alive at the dinner table as you give thanks for the family and food before you. If God's love is eternal it must have an eternal object, hence, Christ is an eternal being. In this last passage the exhortation to supreme love to God is connected with the doctrine of the unity of God (Deuteronomy 6:4)--inasmuch as the Divine Being is one and indivisible, so must our love to Him be undivided. God alone is the source of love ( 1 John 4:7-8 ); he "poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us" ( Rom 5:5 ). First in the consideration of the subject of "love" comes the love of God--He who is love, and from whom all love is derived. God loves through believers, who act as channels for his love; they are branches who must abide in the vine if they are to have that love ( John 15:1-11 ). As love is the highest expression of God and His relation to mankind, so it must be the highest expression of man's relation to his Maker and to his fellow-man. From this wonderful love of God in Christ Jesus nothing in heaven or earth or hell, created or uncreated or to be created, shall be able to separate us (Romans 8:37). If we search in Google, it clearly explained that TRINITY is the Christian Godhead as one God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the state of being three.If we look to the meaning of person in Webster dictionary, it explained that Persons is a character or part in or as if in a play. He is to be chosen before father or mother, parent, or child, brother or sister, or friend (Matthew 10:35-38; Luke 14:26). Because the Father loves the Son, he made his will known to him. The Holy Trinity in the Bible Verse What Is Love? The Bible has a lot to say about the bonds of love and devotion. Carlie Fox is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture, and relationship topics. phileis), which alone claims from him that personal attachment and affection with which indeed he knows that his heart is full.". The Bible is one giant love story to God, and his journey towards our acceptance and forgiveness of self and others. Since Christ has laid down his life for us, we must be willing to lay down our lives for our brothers ( 1 John 3:16 ). The regenerate man is able to see his fellow-man as God sees him, value him as God values him, not so much because of what he is by reason of his sin and unloveliness, but because of what, through Christ, he may become; he sees man's intrinsic worth and possibility in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:14-17). Love of God is a response of the whole of the believer heart, soul, mind, and strength ( Deut 6:5 ; Matt 22:34-40 ; Mark 12:28-34 )to the whole of God. If you're looking for guidance in life, look to love. However, love does not come easy and simply saying you love someone is different than showing it. Love is lifting your sins up to God during a church service. Obedience to God ( Deut 6:7 ; 7:9 ) and renunciation of the world-system ( 1 John 2:16 ) are critical elements of our love of God. He led them, fed and clothed them, guided them and protected them from all their enemies. In this the love of God was manifested toward us, that God has sent His only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through Him. RELATED: 30 Faith Quotes & Bible Verse Tattoo Ideas. In the Bible it is a fact that loving God is equated with obeying His Word. See also Fruit of the Spirit; New Command. When we think about the Bible, we think of it as being a testament to Jesus and all of the love he has given to His people. Love for the brotherhood is a natural consequence of the love of the fatherhood; for "In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil: whosoever doeth not righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother" (1John 3:10). God seeks Adam, not to put him to death, but to reestablish a relationship with him. luv ('ahebh, 'ahabhah, noun; phileo, agapao, verb; agape, noun): Love to both God and man is fundamental to true religion, whether as expressed in the Old Testament or the New Testament. Honor one another above yourselves." What it means is that God is always ready to wrap us in His loving arms when we turn to Him in repentance and faith. There are many books within the Bible that discuss love as a central theme, but one of the top books is found in the New Testament. That seeking and bridging reaches its pinnacle when God sends his Son into the world to rescue sinners and to provide them with eternal life ( John 3:16 ; Rom 5:7-8 ; Eph 2:1-5 ). In the most basic sense, love is the emotion felt and actions performed by someone concerned for the well-being of another person. But Jesus gave his disciples a new command with a radically different motive: "Love each other as I have loved you" ( John 15:12 ). The Old Testament charge was to "love your neighbor as yourself" ( Lev 19:18 ). James sees the command to love one another as a "royal law" ( 2:8 ). Christianity is the only religion that sets forth the Supreme Being as Love. In fact, one of the most sought-after themes in the Bible is the definition of love. Whatever love there is in man, whether it be toward God or toward his fellowman, has its source in God--"Love is of God; and every one that loveth is begotten of God, and knoweth God. In the Old Testament, the Song of Solomon (Song of Songs) refers to it twenty-six times, while the book of Psalms references it twenty-three. In these Scriptures God is seen manifesting His power in behalf His people in the time of their wilderness journeying and their captivity. In the original Greek, the word ἀγάπη agape is used throughout the "Ο ύμνος της αγάπης". Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind - Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. 2. Love is difficult to define, but from a Christian-standpoint, love is best understood through scripture. Paul begins his description of love in verse 4 with the words, “Love is patient.” The King James Version renders it “suffereth long” (“suffers long,” NKJV). Love can seem like a simple concept before reading the Bible. "Love the Lord Your God." But the greatest of these is love." But love is more than mercy or compassion; it is active and identifies itself with its object. Its opposite is called phobia. —Romans 12:10, RELATED: Best Apps For Bible Study On Android & iOS. And now he has conquered; for when the Lord demands a third time whether he loves him, he does it in the word which alone will satisfy Peter ('Lovest thou,' Gr. Jesus in turn demonstrated his love to the Father through his submission and obedience. God loves the world of sinners lost and ruined by the fall. "If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing." Spirit and light are expressions of His essential nature; love is the expression of His personality corresponding to His nature. Love for neighbor is "love in action, " doing something specific and tangible for others. "With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace." he uses the Greek word agapas ; and when Simon answers, he uses the Greek word philo , i.e., "I love." We prove that we are really God's children by thus loving His Son (John 8:42). Christ set before His followers a much higher example than that, however. Use this table to get a word-for-word translation of the original Greek Scripture. RELATED: What 'Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind' Means, According To 1 Corinthians 13, Bible Scripture. The overall meaning of multiple number ones, such as 111, 1111, 11:11 and so on, is somewhat unclear in the Bible. This is a wonderful truth when we realize what a world this is--a world of sin and corruption. 2. Until that happens, we cannot love. —1 Peter 4:8, 5. His love was again shown in feeling with His people, their sorrows and afflictions (Isaiah 63:9); He suffered in their affliction, their interests were His; He was not their adversary but their friend, even though it might have seemed to them as if He either had brought on them their suffering or did not care about it. The distinction between these two Greek words is thus fitly described by Trench:, " Agapan has more of judgment and deliberate choice; philein has more of attachment and peculiar personal affection. Many people in Jesus' day believed that a neighbor was a fellow Israelite. Believers need to share with those in need, whether that need is for food, water, lodging, clothing, healing, or friendship ( Matt 25:34-40 ; Rom 12:13 ). However, this definition is not biblical. Jude urges his readers to keep themselves in God's love (v.21). Nor should it be overlooked that our Lord commanded His children to love their enemies, those who spoke evil of them, and despitefully used them (Matthew 5:43-48). Love Thy Neighbor Bible Verses. According to I John 5:3, love is keeping God's In 1 Corinthians 13 the apostle sets forth the excellency of love, as the word "charity" there is rendered in the Revised Version. It sums up the paragraph. The object of God's love is first and foremost His own Son, Jesus Christ (Matthew 3:17; 17:5; Luke 20:13; John 17:24). Bible verses about love speak of the perfect love that everyone should have toward their friends, family and mankind, not to mention the Lord. "For the father himself loveth you, because ye have loved me" (John 16:27). Here is a breakdown of this love verse, and the biblical interpretation of the scripture meaning, according to the World English Bible. This verse is said by almost every person on Earth at some point in there lives, whether it be a mother to her fighting children or a dog mom to her barking puppies. The exhibition of love of this character toward our fellow-man is the badge of true discipleship. For the sake of the love of God, Abraham is willing to sacrifice the son he loves. Those who love God will hate evil and all forms of worldliness, as expressed in the avoidance of the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life (Psalms 97:10; 1 John 2:15-17). the Greek verb agapas, denotes the highest, most perfect kind of love (Latin, diligere), implying a clear determination of will and judgment, and belonging particularly to the sphere of Divine revelation. A second time he does the same. The love of the heavenly Father over the return of His wandering children is beautifully set forth in the parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15). God does not merely love; he is love. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. This love is also created in the heart of man by the Holy Ghost (Romans 5:5), and is a fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22). Our love, however, is easily misdirected. The English word love can be found 311 times in the King James Bible. The love demonstrated in the parable of the good Samaritan shows that agape [ajgavph] love is not emotional love, but a response to someone who is in need. 1 Corinthians 13 is the thirteenth chapter of the First Epistle to the Corinthians in the New Testament of the Christian Bible.It is authored by Paul the Apostle and Sosthenes in Ephesus.This chapter covers the subject of Love. The love of the disciple of Christ must manifest itself in supplying the necessities, not of our friends only (1John 3:16-18), but also of our enemies (Romans 12:20). Once we have received God's love as his children, he expects us to love. Love, therefore, is a strong feeling for a person or thing; hate is a strong feeling against. In 1 Corinthians 13:1, Paul described “love†as a “more excellent way†than tongues or even preaching.The New Testament maintains this estimation of love throughout. The command to love others is based on how God has loved us. This kind of love sacrifices self and pleases God. Its first verse, an occurrence of 1111, offers joyful praise in gratitude for God's mercy and love. And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. —Ephesians 4:2-3, 9. In other words, the christian loves God with the love of complacency in his attributes, the love of benevolence towards the interest of his kingdom, and the love of gratitude for favors received. John is also prevalent in his teachings of love in 2 John, where he discusses the truth about the "L-word." Love stands for more than just romantic attraction or strong feelings towards those close to you; it also stands for the truth, respect, and obedience Christians hold for God. Where should you look if you really want to catch up on some love-based verses? The Bible's ways of describing this process of correction are numerous: "circumcision of the heart" ( Deut 30:6 ); God's "writing his laws" on our hearts ( Jer 31:33 ); God's substituting a "heart of flesh" for a "heart of stone" ( Eze 11:19 ); being "born again" by the Spirit ( John 3:3 ; 1 John 5:1-2 ); removing old clothing and replacing it with new ( Col 3:12-14 ); dying to a sinful life and resurrecting to a new one ( Col 3:1-4 ); moving out of darkness into light ( 1 John 2:9 ). To him, in his narrow exclusiveism, the announcement of the fact that God loved the whole world of men was startling. Biblically, the opposite of love is sin. But the word love describes an emotion with vastly differing degrees of intensity. Now, this does not mean that because God loves everyone people do not have any responsibility to respond to His love. This is the usage in the first and second questions put by our Lord; but in the third our Lord uses Simon's word. If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. This word seems to require explanation only in the case of its use by our Lord in his interview with "Simon, the son of Jonas," after his resurrection ( John 21:16 John 21:17 ). the expression of love as between husband and wife, parent and child, brethren according to the flesh, and according to grace; between friend and enemy, and, finally, between God and man. It is the fulfillment of the royal law (James 2:8), and is to be put above everything else (Colossians 3:14); it is the binder that holds all the other graces of the Christian life in place (Colossians 3:14); by the possession of such love we know that we have passed from death unto life (1John 3:14), and it is the supreme test of our abiding in God and God in us (1John 4:12,16). A neighbor is anyone who is in need. The Definition of Love in the Bible tells you what love is not. Abideth.These three graces are fundamental and permanent; not transient, like the charisms, on which the Corinthians were priding themselves, but which should all be "annulled." They were not to render evil for evil, but contrariwise, blessing. Had He not graven them upon the palms of His hands (Isaiah 49:15)? "Do everything in love." In his answer Peter substitutes the word philo, which means the natural human affection, with its strong feeling, or sentiment, and is never used in Scripture language to designate man's love to God. of God's love is manifested by providing for the physical, mental, moral and spiritual needs of His people (Isaiah 48:14,20,21; 62:9-12; 63:3,12). Written by John the Evangelist, 1 John is all about love. —1 John 4:12, 10. They thought He did; they said, "God hath forgotten us," "He hath forgotten to be gracious"; but no; a mother might forget her child that she should not have compassion on it, but God would never forget His people. For a man to say "I love God" and yet hate his fellowman is to brand himself as "a liar" (1John 4:20); "He that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, cannot love God whom he hath not seen" (1John 4:20); he that loveth God will love his brother also (1John 4:21). They were not on the outskirts of God's love, but in the very center of it. Unselfish, loyal, and benevolent concern for the well-being of another. "International Standard Bible Encyclopedia". Jesus describes this conflict as hating father and mother in order to love and follow God ( Luke 14:26 ). If a verse or topic does not belong, please contact us. True love will find its expression in service to man: "Through love be servants one to another" (Galatians 5:13). LOVE. John declares, "This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us" ( 1 John 3:16 ). We become idolaters, focusing a part or all of our love elsewhere. Within the scriptures, love is what binds people together against hate and dishonesty. John writes: "Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth." English Definition of Love The English word “love” has been used in reference to a “strong affection for another” since before the 12 th century, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary. Following this commandment is the key Jesus Christ gave us for loving others as God loves us. John helps those who read the Holy Bible to discover what love is. 131-36; V. P. Furnish, The Love Command in the New Testament; N. Glueck, Hesed in the Bible; W. Gunther et al., NIDNTT, 2:538-51; H. W. Hoehner, EDT, pp. Those who are united by faith and love to Jesus Christ are, in a different sense from those who are not thus united, the special objects of God's love. Loving reproof and chastisement are necessary oftentimes for growth in holiness and righteousness. In the New Testament, the word love is recorded the most in the book of 1John (thirty-three times) followed by the gospel of John (twenty-two times). The qualities which should characterize the love which we are to manifest toward our fellow-men are beautifully set forth in 1 Corinthians 13. Paul affirms that "the entire law is summed up in a single command: Love your neighbor as yourself'" ( Gal 5:14 ). "And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity." Trench, in speaking of agape, says it is a word born within the bosom of revealed religion. This is love in a more intense form than that spoken of for the world (John 3:16). The Son shares the love of the Father in a unique sense; He is "my chosen, in whom my soul delighteth" (Isaiah 42:1). "Love Your Neighbor as Yourself." Our love should be "without hypocrisy" (Romans 12:9); there should be no pretense about it; it should not be a thing of mere word or tongue, but a real experience manifesting itself in deed and truth (1John 3:18). Love is what keeps us from fighting with our enemies and sparring with those who disagree with us. What more wonderful illustration can be found of ministering love than that set forth by our Lord in the ministry of foot-washing as found in John 13? What, then, is more vital than to possess such love? Salem Media Group. Thus the 'Lovest thou' (Gr. Topics and verses are auto-generated from user searches. It is because of the love of the Father that we are granted a place in the heavenly kingdom (Ephesians 2:6-8). The love of God is that part of His nature--indeed His whole nature, for "God is love"--which leads Him to express Himself in terms of endearment toward His creatures, and actively to manifest that interest and affection in acts of loving care and self-sacrifice in behalf of the objects of His love. Love is patient, love is kind. When considering particular bible versus or passages, be careful to consider the meaning of the passage in connection with the rest of Scripture; so that its meaning is not taken out of … "Be devoted to one another in love. It does - Bible Gateway. luv ('ahebh, 'ahabhah, noun; phileo, agapao, verb; agape, noun): Love to both God and man is fundamental to true religion, whether as expressed in the Old Testament or the New Testament. Four unique forms of love are found in Scripture. The word "love" is used interchangeably with the words "light" and "word." "Love the Lord Your God with All Your Heart." According to the teaching of Jesus we are to supersede this standard: "A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another; even as I have loved you, that ye also love one another" (John 13:34). Paul compares faith, hope, and love, and concludes that "the greatest of these is love" ( 1 Cor 13:13 ). Said Jesus, thou "lovedst them, even as thou lovedst me" (John 17:23). Something hydrophilic is something which mixes with or is attracted to water, while something hydrophobic is something which repels or doesn’t mix with water. Christ's interview with the apostle Peter on the shore of the Sea of Tiberias (John 21:15-18) sets before us in a most beautiful way the different shades of meaning as found in the New Testament words phileo, and agapao. Ephesians 2:4 f sets forth in a wonderful way how our entire salvation springs forth from the mercy and love of God; "But God, being rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us, even when we were dead through our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ," etc.

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