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Email Discount Registrations. If your name has too many (or too little!) Our extensive list of contacts means that we are able to track down the perfect number plate for you.You'll also be able to get your new number plate at some of the most competitive prices around bonus! With our cheap personalised number plates, you could make a great return on your investment, especially if you choose a plate that becomes popular or desirable in the future. Special Number Plate For Sale. Denise Freeman. Platehunter is the UK’s cheapest number plate supplier with over 56 million personalised number plates for sale. What’s more, our service makes the whole registration transfer process as easy as possible. with one of our 01952 588888 Open 8am -10pm 7 days a week. We will always advertise our lowest price, Widest range of private number plates available, We will have the very simplest of order processes. shopping_cart Select Options; favorite; sort ; visibility Quick View; Rear Bracket - 97 - 02 Mercedes-Benz CLK - W208 - C208 - A208. -Special Car Number Plate For Sales -PKL999 Pg Number Plate -Price Can Be Nego -Call Andrew 0163922323 POA POA . Search and buy from millions of personalised number plates direct from the DVLA, including auction plates and cherished plates. $14.99. 4.8 out of 5 stars 157. If the specific number plate isn't found, don't worry! The team here at Platehunter are commited to make the car registration plate process as easy as possible for you.We will advertise your number plate on our site and once a buyer is found, we will professionally handle ALL the transfer paperwork and administration for you. Platehunter.com is a recognised reseller of DVLA registrations. Drop Ship; Uni Filter NP-300 WR - UNI Filter Number Plates. Next week’s menu. Enjoy tasty dinners that won’t break the bank, at only $4.99 per serving. Fax: 07092 222 969 Toggle navigation Search box. It is compulsory for most motor vehicles used on public roads to display them. The letter signifies the branch of the police force, and its meaning may change from city to city; for example, in Moscow, A #### 99 rus stands for traffic police, У #### 99 rus for patrol cars, O #### 99 rus for police guard dog service etc. In fact, as the population grows and people get wealthier (and have more disposable income), then the amount that they are willing to pay for private number plates goes up. Rear Square Number Plate Registration Plate 11x8 Free Post and Free Adhesive Pads. DVLA Registered Number Plate Supplier - in line with all DVLA & MOT regulations; Customer Feedback. Now…, Have you always been one to stand out? $99.55. shopping_cart Select Options; favorite; sort; visibility Quick View; Front Bracket - Volkswagen Scirocco R - 2012 - 2015. The registration ‘TED 99Y’ is a suffix-style number plate. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. In the rare occurrence that you’re unable to find a unique registration that meets your needs, our advisors are always on hand to help you track it down and we use our many industry connections to supply the plate at the lowest possible price. Here at Discount Registrations, we make creating a cheap private number plate easy. Front License Plate| Discover 150S. x 7 1/4 in., Set of 3. National Numbers is bound to find a plate to suit you. Please select your desired style of 3D number plates from below to see the options available for customisation. Number plate results shown. SITIKAR SDN BHD (221001-P) Selangor . Front License Plate| Discover 150 (2010-13) Front License Plate| Discover 150F . Take a look at some of these ideas. Skip or cancel any time. 01642 363738. DiscountRegistrations uses cookies to store information (non-personal) relating to your site use. Certified Secure Ordering. Details . When you’re looking to buy a new cherished number plate, look no further than Platehunter! use our ideas for personalised number plates to give you SOME inspiration, as well as checking the price you should estimate to pay. More info » Up to 12 months interest free . As the leading seller of DVLA number plates, we can help you with everything from buying and selling registration plates, to even helping you create the ideal reg plate. Special Offer - Private Number Plates at just £22.99 plus fees. Until a few years ago, private number plates were an expensive and exclusive commodity reserved only for the wealthy. But with Discount Registrations, you can buy a private number plate for as little as £34.99. Platehunter take care of all the transfer process with DVLA and can have the registration transfered to you car in a matter of days. Registered in England 08865745. EASY TO COOK. Want To Make A Statement On The Road? Search the largest database of number plates in the UK. Estimated Ship Date: Wednesday 1/13/2021 if ordered today. What about prices? We are members of MIRAD, APRT & CNG trade dealers associations. DVLA is a registered trade mark of the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency, DiscountRegistrations is not affiliated to the DVLA or DVLA Personalised Registrations. Order by 12pm AEDT for same day dispatch. All number plates are transferred in accordance with the DVLA. FREE Delivery. Buying, selling and transferring your new number plate can be tricky, so the team here at Platehunter can make the whole process a lot smoother (and much less stressful! SITIKAR SDN BHD (221001-P) Selangor . IF you are looking for a Personalised Registration, look no further than Platehunters.I was looking for a Personalised number, but kept on finding barriers put IN my way with other companies.Price being the main onE.Straight away when rang Platehunters their helpful friendly service... Platehunter make the process of buying a private number plate easy, and our super search bar and plate builders are designed to help customers target their ideal registration. Free delivery for orders over $99 (excludes bulky items). First two digits numbers go from 01 to 81 (as there are 81 provinces in Turkey) and each one is assigned to a province with alphabetical order e.g. Your search for a unique registration begins by using one of our three search tools, and once you’ve made up your mind on a registration you can buy, enquire or add it to your wishlist, while plates sold privately allow you to make an offer. Snap up your ideal reg today before somebody else does. Sadly, winter can cause a lot of stress to your car. 9 The Foxes, Telford. Regplates Limited Beech Lawn Offices, Woodfield Lane, Hessle, HU13 0EW. Front Licence Plate| Discover 125T. With a cheap personalised number plate, you can customise your vehicle, stand out on the road, and do something that sets you apart from everyone else. These plates are 2 characters long, registered in NSW and would look great on any car. At Discount Registrations, we’re transparent about our prices. Our Plate Alert service is another smart way to snap up your preferred choice when it becomes available, and with this service you can be rest assured that you’ll be informed immediately when your ideal reg is up for sale. Use our plate finder to search what you're looking for. Supplied To You Ltd is registered with the DVLA only to supply the physical number plates and plates we offer for sale are mostly unissued Goverment stock, © 2005 - 2021 Plate Hunter • © 2021 Freetimers for Web Programming & CMS • Website Design and Programming by Freetimers. ).Contact us now to get help with buying or selling number plates. The number plate 99P may have recently been added to a vehicle or purchased on a retention certifcate, we have found some suggestions of similar private plates below that are available for purchase, or if you would like to get in touch one of our team can help you find the perfect plate. 4.8 out of 5 stars 118. Order by telephone or 24hrs a day online. A private number plate can be as unique as you want it to be; perhaps a combination that spells out your hometown, nickname, date of birth or favourite phrase, and our database also includes private number plates that are sold privately. Disclaimer: Neither Platehunter.com or Supplied to You Ltd are in any way affiliated to the DVLA or DVLA Personalised Registrations. The launch of new 'P' registration plates is coming this April directly from the DVLA.   Estimated Ship Date: Today. We will handle ALL of the paperwork so just sit back and relax. Contact Regplates.com. Cheap number plates are shown below: We cannot be beaten on price for such Car number plates and these are being offered at incredible knockdown prices, most are on a special offer, and nearly all are below £1,000. Search; Search . Cheapest dateless number plates under £800. You can view our privacy policy by clicking here. PrimoRegistrations has 50 million vehicle registration plates, and we make it our mission to offer them at the lowest prices. When you search for your ideal number plate, we’ll show you the results in descending price, including the regular price and our all-inclusive price. What’s more, private number plates are an investment, not a … 7 days a week Looking to buy any Heritage Numerical PlatesUp to 6. If somebody else would like the same registration, then they have to buy it from you, often for more than you originally paid. Our enormous database means that Platehunter are regularly meeting budgets of all shapes and sizes, and we have various number plates available under £39 +vat + £80 transfer fee. Our registration costs start from £24.99, with all-inclusive prices with plates beginning from £134.48. 99. Get Started. What is the cheapest private number plate I can buy? At Fantastic Prices with Finance Available. A private number plate can be as unique as you want it to be; perhaps a combination that spells out your hometown, nickname, date of birth or favourite phrase, and our database also includes private number plates that are sold privately. Read what our customers say about us RECOMMENDED BY OVER 9,000 FAMILIES. Personalise Your Number Plates from £24.99. 99. 01 is the code of the province Adana or 34 is the … TF7 4NH. Private number plates retain their value and can be resold to anyone else at a later date. Check out our search tool now and find your perfect registration plate today. Front License Plate| Discover 125 (2011-14) Front License Plate| Discover 125ST. We also make it our duty to take you through the entire process, and once you’ve purchased a plate online we can take care of the paperwork on your behalf to make sure the process is completed quickly and correctly. $115.50. Once you have a private number plate, you have the exclusive right to use it on your vehicle. Unlike cars, private number plates do not depreciate. The 2016 DVLA number plate auction was held in February and it managed to raise over £1m! If you want to go to our main website you can use our reg plate search facility. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery . letters to be interpreted onto a private number plate, there is no need to feel limited. Fleet Hampshire Order by phone Buy securely online . Our free registration valuation team makes us the best place to buy or sell your private plate. We cannot be beaten on price for such Car number plates and these are being offered at incredible knockdown prices, most are on a special offer, and nearly all are below £1,000. transfer experts We’ll return number plates that are as similar to your original number plate search term so that you can decide which you’d prefer for your vehicle. Here Are 7 Reasons To Get Creative Number Plates For Your Car. We are searching over 30,000,000 number plates for you, this could take up to 30 seconds. Disguise the age of your car with cheap private number plates from less than £99. Bidders should note that for the duration of the auction, the registration plate 'TED 99Y’ is offered exclusively on the Collecting Cars platform. If you purchase a private registration, you must complete the official transfer process before displaying the new number. Each year, new number plates are released in March, for example 03,04,12,13,15 etc, and September for example 51,52,63, 64 etc. Regplates have over 99% of all available number plates available to buy online 24 hours a day. Here at Discount Registrations, we have more than 50 million registration plates available for you to choose from. Turkish registration plates consist of letters and digits in combinations of 99 AB 999, 99 A 9999, 99 ABC 99, 99 AB 9999 or 99 A 99999 where the first two digits show which province the vehicle is registered from. Number Plate. Admittedly, this is because they were remarkably costly. While many people don't think twice about the numbers on their plate, car enthusiasts, celebrities, and creative minds alike all know ju…, After a long and tedious process, you've finally found and purchased the vehicle (or vehicles) you've been searching for. All you need to do is type your perfect number plate into our search box, and our smart software will immediately scan thousands of available number plates for matches. … With such a broad selection of cheap private number plates, you’ve got all the choice you’ll ever need to find the ideal personalised registration for you. 99 number plates selling for Offers. With our helpful search tool, you can browse hundreds of available registration combinations that conform to the sentiment of your original query. ... Website Design and Programming by Freetimers. In most cases we’re able to beat the price. As responsible personalised number plates agents we feel it is important that our visitors and customers understand the law regarding the supply and display of cherished number plates as they are valuable assets and should be protected. Personal Number plates : Follow the law. Budget suffix number plates for less than £199. are designed to make your number plates look great, with or without covers or frames. We always have a great selection of cheap registration plates available. With us, you can choose something truly unique. When a car is on the road, it is an offence to display number plates bearing any number other than the vehicle's officially recorded registration number. Customisable. POA . Our aim is to offer distinctive registrations at the best possible prices, with high quality customer service, and our Price Match service allows us to match the price of your desired plate if it is advertised at a lower price elsewhere. $72.99. Unfortunately, it is common for brokers and dealers of these plates to offer registration marks speculatively. JUL5959. © Copyright 2014-2019 DiscountRegistrations. Do you hate blending into a crowd? #privatenumberplates #number1 https://t.co/5DX0od5jbl, @jameshaskell Good Morning James, We have just got this #privateplate in stock, and it deserves a high profile home https://t.co/JxDrwFEtG3, RT @plate_hunter: Are you looking for a private plate but stuck for ideas?We can help, Enter what you are looking for in the comments bel, Platehunter is a trading name of Supplied to You Ltd. It can cause unusual stress on the vehicle, requiring…, Transfer House ... $99.55. Once you've found what you're looking for, our services to transfer it to your vehicle are free of charge. Personalised vehicle registrations help you convey relevant information about who you are, what you do or even your sense of humour. Important Note: DiscountRegistrations sell cheap DVLA registrations, cheap private registrations, cheap private number plates and cheap personalised number plates owned by clients and our own stock number plates on a 'first come, first served basis'. recommends Everyplate. With a cheap number plate from us, you can get the best of both worlds: an affordable way to make your vehicle unique that could pay off in the long term. @ no extra cost. Our enormous database means that Platehunter are regularly meeting budgets of all shapes and sizes, and we have various number plates available under £39 +vat + £80 … Buying a number plate from Platehunter is easy.ALL you need to do is find your perfect plate using our search tools, choose the type of acrylic plate you want with your purchase and buy it! If so, then you've probably considered purchasing a private nu…, So, your car is a clunker, it’s an ugly color, it’s got a small dent in the door from an accident you were in, and you’re…, Winter Care For Your Car Skip to the end of the images gallery . You should not encounter any delays. Discount Registrations offers a range of cheap private number plates that allow you to store wealth while at the same time personalising your vehicle. With so many options out there, you’re bound to find a cheap private number plate that you’ll love and will help you to stand out cruising through town or while on the motorway. But with Discount Registrations, you can buy a private number plate for as little as £34.99. 3D Gel Number Plates with Gloss Piano Black Lettering Sale price £22 99 £22.99 Mandatory law now states that your rear number plate must be visible when carrying bikes.

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